Pre-Election Notable Quotables: 'The GOP's Agenda Has to Be Stopped'

November 1st, 2010 10:37 AM

One day before Election Day, the MRC has a fresh new edition of Notable Quotables posted over at Topics this week include: the liberal media’s pre-election meltdown, with MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann frothing that the election of “unqualified, unstable” Tea Party Republicans “would destroy America from within,” and Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter engaging in open electioneering: “The GOP’s agenda has to be stopped.”

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For NewsBuster’s readers, here are some of the choicer quotes from the last couple of weeks, reflecting liberals’ increasing desperation as the election clock ticks down:

"Cataclysm" of GOP Win "Would Destroy America"

"[The Tea Party-backed Republicans are] a group of unqualified, unstable individuals who will do what they are told, in exchange for money and power, and march this nation as far backward as they can get, backward to Jim Crow, or backward to the breadlines of the '30s, or backward to hanging union organizers, or backward to the trusts and the robber barons...It is nothing short of an attempted use of democracy to end this democracy, to buy America wholesale and pave over the freedoms and the care we take of one another, which have combined to keep us the envy of the world. You do not think your freedom is at stake next Tuesday?...If you sit there tomorrow, and the rest of this week, and you let this cataclysm unfold, you have enabled this. It is one thing to be attacked by those who would destroy America from without. It is a worse thing to be attacked by those who would destroy America from within."
— MSNBC's Keith Olbermann in a 21-minute "Special Comment" on Countdown, October 27.

Liberal Media Desperation: "The GOP's Agenda Has to Be Stopped"

"We [the press corps] are so eager to promote ourselves with the smartest take on how President Obama and the Democrats got themselves in this pickle that we haven't done a good job explaining the stakes....A right-wing Republican takeover of Congress and state capitals isn't something to accept with indifference. Midterms matter, and voters tempted to skip this election should have their heads examined."
Newsweek's Jonathan Alter in the magazine's November 1 edition, "Why the Midterms Matter: The GOP's agenda has to be stopped."


Tea Party Fools Don't Know They're Pawns of the Rich

Host Chris Matthews: "What do you think of these Tea Party people, Mr. President? I look at a lot of them as — they're not all crazies, they're regular people, a lot of them middle, middle-class people and they're very religious. They're church-going people like yourself. And I wonder, do they know that they're being backed by big corporations and all this conservative money at the top?"
Ex-President Jimmy Carter: "The ones that know it, deny it. And obviously, the Tea Party movement has been almost completely financed by hard-right oligarchs....The Tea Party movement has been suborned by these very right-wing people who don't give a darn about low-class working people, but just want to feather their own nest."
Matthews: "Well, I wish they knew that."
— MSNBC's Hardball, October 25.

Ruing Politicians Too “Terrified” to Raise Taxes

"No one will talk about taxes. They are terrified. Somehow the religion, the anti-tax religion has gotten so bad that if you — if anybody says, ‘We're just going to have to do this,' I mean, it's as if, you know, you killed a baby or something."
— CBS 60 Minutes correspondent Lesley Stahl on MSNBC's Morning Joe, October 18.

Hailing "Irresistible" Pelosi

"Nancy Pelosi is considered one of the most effective Speakers in congressional history....The irresistible force who marshaled House Democrats to pass controversial administration policies — including the stimulus package, Wall Street reform, and health care....Pelosi's support for a middle-class tax cut, children's issues, and education, has made her a hero in some quarters."
— CBS's Rita Braver profiling Pelosi for Sunday Morning, October 17.

Brian Harangues Governor to Spend Other People's Money

NBC's Brian Williams: "[New Jersey Governor Chris Christie] took a big hit for saying no to New Jersey's share of a new tunnel beneath the Hudson River, a huge public works project designed to ease congestion. His decision exploded on the op-ed page of the New York Times which called it ‘a blow to national hopes of a recovery.' It's where we started our conversation with the Governor today....[to Christie] Couldn't you find the money? Isn't there a way if you really wanted it, if you really wanted it for long-term investment?...The Times goes on, ‘Here's how you should think about the decision to kill the tunnel: It's a terrible thing in itself, but, beyond that, it's a perfect symbol of how America has lost its way.' You're being tied to the nation losing its way by dint of this decision."
Governor Chris Christie: "Yeah, by the New York Times. I'll take a deep bow for that, Brian."
— Williams repeatedly quoting liberal columnist Paul Krugman to Christie on the NBC Nightly News, October 21.

Liberal Comic = "Only Trusted Branch of Government"

"The truth of the matter is that [Comedy Central's Daily Show host] Jon Stewart, at this point, is the only trusted branch of government. You know, I mean, in the end, Stewart and Colbert, really are like the Huntley and Brinkley of today, in the sense that people really, really trust them."
— editor Tina Brown on ABC's Good Morning America, October 27.

NPR: Heart of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy?

 "I call NPR National Pentagon Radio. They're no more left wing than Fox News as far as I'm concerned. Look at the commentators they have on there, right? They're all right-wing commentators. I couldn't get in the door of NPR. I'm sure you don't appear on their shows either, right? They lean so far right. The idea that they're part of the liberal media, as if they were. Look, except for MSNBC, these guys control all the media as far as I'm concerned."
— Left-wing radio host and former CNN and MSNBC co-host Bill Press on Ed Schultz's radio show, October 22.

Another Liberal Offering Civility Lessons

Co-host Joy Behar: "You know what I'd like to see her do? I'd like to see her [Nevada GOP Senate candidate Sharron Angle] do this ad in the South Bronx. Come here, bitch! Come to New York and do it."
Co-host Sherri Shepherd: "We're praying for you. We're praying for you."
Co-host Elisabeth Hasselback: "Even Joy is praying for her."
Behar: "I am not praying for her. I'm telling you right now. She's going to Hell....She's going to Hell, this bitch."
— ABC's The View, October 26, talking about Angle's ad against illegal immigration.

Rise of Tea Party = Nazi Germany in the 30s

"Hitler, by the way, never got more than 33 percent of the vote ever in Germany....He wasn't a majority guy, but he was charismatic, and they were having bad economic times — just like we are now. People were out of work, they needed jobs, and a guy came along and rallied the troops. My fear is that the Tea Party gets a charismatic leader, because all they're selling is fear and anger and that's all Hitler sold — ‘I'm angry and I'm frightened and you should hate that guy over there.'"
— Actor/director/liberal activist Rob Reiner on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, October 22.