Not Just in America: Israeli Pol Sees Media Biased Against the Right

This morning’s Jerusalem Post has a wrap on yesterday’s elections, which saw the once-dominant Likud party drop to fourth place, winning only 11 seats in the new parliament. One of the Likud members ousted in yesterday’s election says that some Israeli media outlets were blatantly biased against Likud and its leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, which stood against plans to transfer West Bank settlements to the Palestinians.

An excerpt from the Post story, which had multiple bylines:
Likud MK Uzi Landau held the media responsible for the drop in his party's power after Tuesday's elections.

He specifically mentioned Channel 2 and the Yediot Aharonot daily for clearly supporting the disengagement plan and for de-legitimizing Likud Chairman Binyamin Netanyahu in the public eye.

They "committed a targeted killing against Bibi," Landau accused in an Army Radio interview.

Landau recommended that the press undergo a process of soul searching following their alleged bias against the right-wing.
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