Hulu Touts Hillary Clinton in New Documentary: 2020 Is ‘No Ordinary Time'

January 17th, 2020 7:26 PM

Anyone who was glad to see that failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton finally stepped out of the limelight is in for a surprise because Hulu is set to air a documentary all about her and the 2020 election.

Michael O'Connell of The Hollywood Reporter touted Clinton promoting the self-titled four hour documentary directed by Nanette Burnstein, to members of the Television Critics Association, Friday.

The film is set to debut at the Sundance Film Festival then air on Hulu, March 6.

The Hollywood Reporter's O'Connell touted Clinton still offering advice no one is asking her for about the 2020 election. She warned that we were living in “no ordinary time” before amusingly asserting that voters should support “the person most likely to win -- and not just the popular vote, the electoral college.”

From there, Clinton was more explicit in her fearmongering over President Trump:

“Parts of world are joyfully celebrating our difficulties,” she said, drawing parallels between the current administration and the start of other authoritarian regimes. “There are a number of countries and leaders out there who could not be happier watching what’s happening with this country.”

O'Connell boasted of Clinton speaking at length about the documentary centered on herself, which required a whopping 35 hours of interview time. O'Connell only gave tidbits of what was included in the film, but what he described sounds like a Hillary puff piece. He noted Clinton talking about what she learned from the sexist "vitriol" she encountered from critics, and touting her progressive push for universal health care in the '90s. 

Finally, the reporter touted Clinton's plea for liberals to get out and vote. 

“I don’t mean to be overly simplistic, but please vote,” Clinton said. “It is almost a truism to say we can look at what’s happening politically in our country right now and be so frustrated and disgusted that it just turns you off. It wasn’t so long ago that we didn’t wake up to a president who made us worry in the morning.”