Robert Redford: Earth at 'Irreversible Tipping Point' on Climate Change

April 24th, 2019 10:20 PM

Climate change alarmist Robert Redford had an interesting way to commemorate Earth Day on Monday, when the liberal actor warned that people should avoid focusing on political issues because he couldn’t see why any of those would matter “without a planet to live on.”

For a change among such extremists, Redford didn’t set a deadline for when life on our planet would end. Instead, he stated that the world is “approaching an irreversible tipping point” because of the “damage mankind has caused all around us every day and everywhere.”

In a post for Time magazine, Redford listed a number of issues that “I care deeply about,” including such Trump-related items as “collusion, obstruction of justice, impeachment or not.”

The actor-activist also pointed to such liberal-leaning topics as “medical care for all or none” and “refugees seeking compassion at our borders.” As a citizen, he stated, “I care deeply about all these things.”

However, Redford claimed that “[w]e are approaching an irreversible tipping point” since the “science of climate change is backed by examples” that mean none of us “are immune anymore, no matter where we live, no matter our political party.”

The actor-director continued: “And on this Earth Day, I find myself searching for words to express my sense of urgency on behalf of our one and only home -- to create yet another new awareness of those same responsibilities.”

Of course, no message from the left side of the political aisle would be complete without a slam or two on the GOP occupant of the White House:

President Trump has promised to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, appointed climate change deniers to head the EPA, weakened protections for clean air and water and tried to cut funding efforts to advance renewable energy.

He has made terrible decisions followed by worse decisions.

He also praised the founding of Earth Day 49 years ago as “a pivotal recognition of how precious and fragile and sacred our connection is to our natural world” while complimenting “young people” who have “wisely realized they are literally fighting for their lives.” What he left out was the founder of Earth murdered and composted his girlfriend.

So Redford ignored that, but instead asserted that “the most tragic loss has been time” due supposedly failed leadership.

“It’s heartbreaking,” the activist added, “yet we’re all in this mess together.”

As a result, Redford recommended that we begin “electing leaders who share our vision for the future, our values and impatience and frustrations” and “making our voices heard in every local, regional and national election possible.”

The actor also stated:

Our children deserve to look back after 100 Earth Days and breathe a sigh of clean, healthy relief, knowing that when our eyes were wide open, when all the facts were known, we did everything we could for them.

We corrected our course, and we changed the outcome. Nothing stands in our way but ourselves.

In September of 2015, NewsBusters chronicled how the actor-activist claimed that skeptics of global warming are simply “afraid of change” and asked why there are still deniers. “Look at the weather,” he said at the time.