Washington Post Columnist Declares ‘Fox News Has Been Right All Along’

April 16th, 2019 10:25 PM

For more than two years, people in the “mainstream media” have relentlessly hammered President Trump and his allies with accusations of colluding with Russia during the 2016 election, which Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton was supposed to win in a landslide.

But once a letter from Attorney General Bill Barr revealed that Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation found no evidence of this criminal conspiracy, reporters, editors and others at liberal news outlets should be forced to state that they were wrong on this issue even though it's safe to say many won't give up the ghost.

That was the thrust of an op-ed from Washington Post contributing columnist and former Hillsboro, Ohio newspaper editor Gary Abernathy with the title “Admit It: Fox News Has been Right All Along.”

Abernathy defended his neighbors who “don’t watch Fox News to know what to think” since “they already know what they think” and “avoid news channels that insult their intelligence and core beliefs.”

He also stated:

Yes, Fox News is an echo chamber for the right, but no more than CNN and MSNBC are for the left, as far as conservatives are concerned.

To be fair, when a Democrat is in the White House, the networks switch places, with Fox News criticizing every move, and MSNBC and CNN defending the Oval Office fortress.

However, Abernathy continued, “Fox News was right, and the others were wrong. For at least two years, MSNBC and CNN devoted hour upon hour, day after day, to promoting the narrative that Trump colluded with the Russians, and that Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III was going to prove it.”

“That turned out to be wrong,” he stated.

“Along with defending Trump, Fox News hosts such as Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham and, especially, Sean Hannity have been slammed for ... clamoring for an investigation of the investigators, aligning themselves with the President’s claim of a politically motivated witch hunt,” the columnist added.

Abernathy also stated: “Most of the media portrayed such accusations as preposterous, designed merely to divert attention from Trump’s alleged misdeeds.”

Of course, he continued, “Democrats and many in the media immediately blasted Barr for carrying Trump’s water,” and the attorney general “is being cast by the liberal cable channels and others as an unscrupulous political hack attached to the president’s leash” and the opposite of “a mostly flattering profile of the new attorney general” offered by The Post that described Barr as “less politically minded than his predecessors.”

But now, Abernathy stated, “these accusations represent an unlikely turn of events for a 68-year-old professional with an impeccable record and a career more behind him than in front of him.”

Meanwhile, “even regular viewers of CNN and MSNBC must certainly recognize the straws being grasped to justify sticking with a conspiracy theory that has been largely debunked -- although the expected release of Mueller’s report this week will probably provide just enough juice for one last effort.”

“It would behoove serious journalists to put aside their political biases and delve into a story that might actually be worthy of Watergate comparisons -- even if it includes the painful admission that Fox News has been right all along,” he concluded.