Trump Clashes With ABC’s Jonathan Karl Over His 'One-Sided Reporting'

President Trump has never hidden his disdain for many of the persons in the liberal press, whom he has often called “the enemy of the people.” An example of that dislike took place early Wednesday afternoon, when the GOP official was signing an anti-human trafficking bill into law.

During the signing, Trump offered to take questions from the reporters present, including Jonathan Karl, ABC’s chief White House correspondent, who demonstrated one of the reasons the president does not hold the mainstream media in high regard.



The back-and-forth began when Karl asked: “So why not sign the other bills … so some of these workers can get paid” by the government?

“Do you think I should do that, Jon?” the President asked a number of times before Karl replied: “It’s not for me to say” although he claimed the law being put into effect had “nothing to do with border security.”

“I’ve watched your one-sided reporting,” Trump stated before again asking the ABC correspondent what he would do if he was in the Republican official’s position.

“I am not in your position,” Karl replied as he avoided giving an answer. “I’m asking you.”

The President finally let him off the hook by stating: “Because if you would do that, you should never be in this position because you’d never get anything done.”

As the event concluded, MSNBC returned to the studio, where the eponymous host of Andrea Mitchell Reports called the clash “pretty amazing.”

As NewsBusters previously reported, Karl has been openly hostile toward the Republican administration.

In late December, the reporter claimed people in the mainstream media and Democrats could “smell President Trump’s blood in the water” and asserted that “things are unraveling” since his promise for “a beautiful wall” along the border between the U.S. and Mexico was not coming true.

Of course, Trump isn’t the only member of the administration to be on the receiving end of Karl’s recent attacks.

Just last week, the ABC correspondent sat down with Vice President Mike Pence and grilled him on the President’s refusal to back down on the border wall and even blamed Trump exclusively for the government shutdown.

With this “news” from just the past few weeks, it’s no wonder Trump considers Karl’s efforts as “one-sided reporting,” though it seems unlikely that the ABC correspondent will change his ways anytime soon.

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