Stephen Colbert Hammers Tucker Carlson as ‘a Little Racist Who Could’

Poor Stephen Colbert. It must be exhausting for the liberal comedian never to get a weeknight off from hammering conservatives and Republicans while hosting The Late Show on CBS.

The comic’s target on Wednesday evening was Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson, whom Colbert described as “a little racist who could” after stating last week that America is being forced to “admit the world’s poor … even if it makes our own country poorer and dirtier and more divided.”



Colbert launched his attack by cheerfully claiming that “Carlson’s already got a reputation of flirting with racism, but last week he took it to a racy new level.”

He then showed a video of the FNC prime-time host talking about the impact of illegal immigration. “Now,” the comedian asserted, “if just listening to him say that makes you feel dirty and more divided, you’re not alone.”

“Tucker got a lot of heat for those remarks,” Colbert continued, “but he’s nothing if not a little racist who could, and he came chugging back up that hill on Monday with a new reason he doesn’t like immigrants: He just cares so darn much about the environment.”

In another video, Carlson was shown as commenting:

The truth is unregulated mass immigration has badly hurt this country’s natural landscape.

Thanks to illegal immigration, huge swaths of the region are covered with garbage and waste that degrade the soil and kill wildlife.

“Right,” the comic stated sarcastically. “Good point … because Americans never do that.” “Have you seen the desert after Coachella?” he asked while showing a picture of the ground covered with trash after the annual music and arts festival held in the Coachella Valley of southern California.

Colbert continued: “I don’t hear Tucker calling to deport a bunch of Forever 21-wearing white girls named Blake” with a graphic of young women wearing clothes from that fashion-based company.

As NewsBusters previously reported, Colbert’s insults are the latest salvo in a feud between Carlson and liberals in the mainstream media over illegal immigration.

During Tuesday evening’s edition of Cuomo Prime Time, host Chris Cuomo slammed the Fox News anchor for his “hateful speech” that caused several companies that ran ads during his show to jump ship. Cuomo proclaimed that “the Fox fear train ran into a familiar roadblock. The same rancor that fuels their demonization of migrants and drives their numbers also tends to turn off advertisers.”

The CNN host got personal when he criticized Carlson for having a “puppy dog puss.”

Then on Wednesday, CBS Evening News correspondent Jericka Duncan added fuel to the fire by noting that Carlson said he would not back down regarding the controversy even though left-wing groups Sleeping Giants and ThinkProgress criticized his remarks.

But back on Wednesday night, Colbert wasn’t quite done slamming the FNC host.

The comedian also criticized Carlson for airing a lightweight story on the latest incursion of political correctness urging people to stop referring to cookies known as “gingerbread men” and instead call them “gingerbread people.”

The CBS host then continued using the food theme to slam Carlson as “the tainted cookie dough that was called for salmonella poisoning.”

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