New 'Daily Show' Host Slams Ben Carson for 'Crazy' Shooting Remarks

October 8th, 2015 7:23 PM

With Republican Ben Carson rising in the presidential polls, liberals have been searching for a way to bring down the former neurosurgeon, and Trevor Noah -- the new host of The Daily Show on the cable television Comedy Channel -- tried his best on Wednesday night by claiming that having hostages attack gunmen so fewer people get shot is “crazy.”

“The GOP race is heating up,” Noah began. “Donald Trump is still in the lead with 25 percent in the polls, but right behind him … and graining ground ... is this man:” Carson, who said in a clip that “I'm very concerned about the future of our children. Of course, you know, I prepare every day, and I'm learning more things every day.”

“Ah, Ben Carson,” the new host sighed beside a graphic that read  “The Ben Bang Theory.” “For people who like Donald Trump's ideas but hate his charm and charisma," Noah joked.

However, Noah stated: “it turns out that even the doctor's calm has become too crazy for some. You see, yesterday, Ben Carson was asked how he would respond if a gunman like the one in the Oregon shooting confronted him, and it didn't go well.”

A female narrator then stated: “Rising GOP star Ben Carson is under fire after making controversial comments about gun control.”

After that comment, a video clip showed the 2016 candidate stating:

I would not just stand there and let him shoot me. I would say: “Hey, guys! Everybody attack him. He may shoot me, but he can't get us all.”

Noah then did a poor imitation of Carson's laugh before stating: “I don't get it.”

“You know, what I also don't get is that Ben Carson really thinks that he could rally people against a mass shooter,” the liberal host continued. “I think he's overestimating how inspiring his presence might be.”

At that point, Noah did a weak impression of Carson repeating his claim before pretending to fall asleep in mid-sentence.

“In Carson's defense though, he may have been caught off-guard,” the host asserted. “Given time to think, I'm sure he'd clarify what he meant.”

Another clip featured a female reporter interviewing Carson and asserting: “I guess there's an implication that you're saying that the … the students didn't do enough to save themselves.”

“No, I said nothing about them,” Carson responded. “I said what I would do. … I would ask everyone to attack the gunman because he can only shoot one of us at a time. That way, we don't all end up being dead.”

Noah again poorly copied Carson's laugh before remarking: “Well, when you put it that way, it is pretty funny. Everyone is not dead,” he stated while gradually changing his laugh imitation to several moments of crying.

“I don't understand this guy chastising victims of a shooting for what you assume was their cowardice,” he continued. “Most normal candidates” would consider his comment "a gaffe," “but I will admit: Ben Carson does practice what he preaches because even though the media kept taking shots at him, he kept charging into those interviews.”

Next up was a segment hosted by Megyn Kelly on the Fox News Channel weeknight program The Kelly File, who stated: “The accusation there, Dr. Carson, is that you appeared tone deaf and that you seemed callous in the laughter about a massacre and what you would have done.”

“I'm laughing at them and their silliness,” the Republican candidate replied before explaining that he was referring to “the people asking that question. … If you sit there and let him shoot you one by one, you're all going to be dead.”

“What do you mean 'Let him shoot you?'” Noah asked. “What do you really expect the victims to do?”

He continued by asserting: “This guy would make the worst hostage negotiator ever.”

Again mimicking Carson's fairly slow speech pattern, Noah stated:

All right, sir. I need you to stay calm and put your gun down. Everyone else, rush him now, rush him!

How many people are dead? Oh, at least it wasn't everyone.

“It's just shocking that such a smart man -- a brain surgeon -- could have this kind of philosophy,” Noah asserted. “Rushing a gun man? It seems crazy” except in a video that showed a man using a machine gun to hold off attacking zombies.

“It's weird that Ben Carson would think a zombie strategy would be the way to go,” he said. “Unless … . Wait a second. Slow, languid pace. Dead eyes. Loves brains. Oh, my God! This explains everything! Ben Carson is a zombie!

With Noah picking up the mantle from Jon Stewart of attacking conservative Republicans, here's hoping he gets much funnier or very soon, he might lose his weeknight show and become one of “The Walking Dead” himself.