PBS's Gwen Ifill Defends Eric Holder, IRS Despite Online Backlash

Here's an interesting example of your tax dollars at work: Gwen Ifill, a newscaster for the Public Broadcasting System, uses her television programs to staunchly defend Eric Holder, the scandal-ridden U.S. attorney general, and the Internal Revenue System, which has been accused of targeting conservative organizations that apply for a tax-exempt status.

Not content with using her roles as managing editor and moderator of the “Washington Week” program and as a senior correspondent for the “PBS NewsHour,” Ifill took her crusade online on Sunday, when she posted on Twitter that it's “Fun to see the same (named & unnamed) folks calling for Holder resignation who always have” and asserted that “people don't want to know the details back and forth” of the IRS targeting.

While @Matthops82 said that “the House needs to forget about the scandals and pass immigration reform,” it was all downhill from there for Ifill.

It didn't take long for @JayCaruso to disagree with her comment on Holder, stating that “Gwen Ifill basically just said James Rosen had it coming,” while @Brock2120 asked: “Have you ever had a non liberal thought in your life?”

Also, @PruPaine posted:

oh my... Ifill sides with Holder. Says journos need to rethink how they go after secret info. Astonishing.

“As the abuses of power have become egregious to the point of criminal,” @TheObsidianOwl declared, “yes, the calls will continue. Why would they not?”

@Moira1987 explained why Holder is under increasing pressure to resign:

That's because he still deserves it. There's now even more proof now than before. He has always been corrupt, and he always will be.

Other responders criticized Ifill herself, with @yayforgravy sarcastically referring to her as an “unbiased journalist” and @IrishTeal wondering if instead of having fun, she is “utterly tone-deaf.”

“I'll put you down as a Holder fan,” wrote @NPR_NOT_Neutral. “You DO know that the liberal Huffington Post called for Holder's resignation?”

Referring to the embattled White House press secretary, @Brock2120 stated: “Something tells me Ms. Ifill was auditioning to replace Jay Carney this morning.”

As a reply to Ifill's statement that people don't want to learn more about the IRS scandal, @NumbersMuncher stated: “Yet 76% want special prosecutor.”

“Guess what, Gwen?” @Mulmack asked. “We do want ALL the details.”

When Ifill returned to her message board, she expressed her unhappiness with the responses posted there by stating: “Deciding who to block today.”

@NPR_NOT_Neutral then responded: "Because that's what lefties so often do when challenged.”

"You'll block anyone who disagrees with Liberal Orthodoxy,” @WaynesterAtl posted. “No surprises there.”

It fell to @RightWingHammer to summarize the posts by saying it's “good to see consistency in the lap dog press who'll always come to this admins defense, no matter what.”

As NewsBusters previously reported, reporters on PBS lamented on May 23 that the scandal regarding the Obama administration's poor response to the arrack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11, 2012, just won't go away.

And as the Obama administration scandals continue to unfold, we can count on PBS to use its taxpayer funding to either ignore or downplay them. So much for “public” broadcasting.

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