Business Owners Bash Obama During Conference Call, but Media Only Interested in Sununu Apology, Romney Records

A 30-minute conference call on Tuesday featuring four small business owners was intended to be a response to President Obama's comment that "If you got a business, you didn’t build that -- somebody else made that happen."

However, the press took advantage of the situation to demand an apology from former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu, who said he wished the President “would learn how to be an American,” and call for more financial records from GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Reports on the event from CBS News and the Los Angeles Times focused on Sununu and Romney, relegating the statements from the business owners to the last few paragraphs of each article.

In a posting at, John Nolte said that “things then got real interesting when the conference call was opened up to the media for questions.”

Did the very same media that pretends to fight for the 'little guy' ask these small business owners logical questions such as, “How will ObamaCare affect your company?” “How would raising taxes by not re-upping the Bush tax cuts affect you?”

No, of course not. The media doesn’t want to hear the answers.

So what did the reporters ask in the few questions time allowed? The first query came from Joe Varden of the Columbus Dispatch, who asked Sununu to “clarify” his earlier comment about Obama.

Sununu replied:

What I thought I said, but I guess I didn’t say, is that the President has to learn the American formula for creating businesses. The American formula for creating business is not having the government creating business. The American formula for creating business that I wish he would get comfortable with is to create an environment in which entrepreneurs can thrive. If I didn’t give all that detail, then I apologize.

The final two questions -- one from Garrett Haik of NBC News and another from Sarah Boxer of PBS -- asked about Romney releasing more tax returns.

Nolte stated that “the corrupt media intentionally looks for something -- anything! -- to latch onto in order to ensure Romney's criticisms get zero traction.”

As a result of their “tunnel vision,” the members of the “mainstream media” ignored most of the comments made by the participants, who brought a thoughtful perspective to the issue of taxes and small business.

Kyle Koehler from Ohio, owner of KK Tool, stated that starting a small business “takes hard work. It takes smarts. But most of all, it takes something [the president] left out in his comments -- it takes sacrifice. And that's something I don’t think this President knows anything about..”

Another speaker was Jerry Pierce from Florida, owner of Restaurant Equipment World, who said he finds the President's remarks “highly insulting and highly arrogant” and added that Obama “is very bad for our country.”

The final participant was Renee Amoore from Pennsylvania, owner of The Amoore Group, who said that the President's statement was “reprehensible” and reflects “just how unqualified he is to lead this economic recovery.”

As an African-American woman, people think I need to vote for Obama because he's black. Well, I've been black a long time, and he won't get my vote.

However, my favorite comment came from David Napier in Virginia, owner of White House Catering, who said Obama doesn't understand that “100 percent of every dollar the government receives comes from business activity. Not 99 percent -- 100 percent!”

So I feel like I've built those roads, and I feel like I've built those bridges, and I feel I have a right to use them to try and make a better life for myself and my employees.

I think that's a very interesting point: Yes, the government has built roads and bridges, but they did that with the money they got from taxpayers -- you, me, small business owners and more.

Despite what Obama said, those things were not done free of charge out of the goodness of the hearts of government officials. We paid for them, so we shouldn't feel guilty when using them.

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