EU Warns Media Platforms Can Be Fined for Slovakian PM Shooting 'Disinformation'

May 18th, 2024 9:20 AM

Are you posting about the shocking assassination attempt on Wednesday upon the Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico? Well, a warning. You and the Big Tech platform you are posting on can be punished for spreading "disinformation' if the European Commission, the increasingly authoritarian cabinet government of the European Union, has its way.

On Thursday, Bloomberg published the warning of impending EU censorship on this topic in an article by Peter Chapman and Samuel Stolton in "EU Monitoring ‘Spread of Disinformation’ on Fico Shooting."

The story subtitles also provide these ominous censorship warnings:

  • "Regulators can punish platforms that fail to stem fake news"
  • "EU’s new Digital Services Act imposes tough rules on Big Tech"

And please be warned that the European Commission could be actively "monitoring" YOU:

The European Commission said it’s “actively monitoring” the spread of fake news about Wednesday’s shooting Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico and warned it can slap Big Tech platforms with fines for failing to tackle disinformation.

Fake news aka disinformation is information that the mainstream media and censors in various countries do not want you to see. Do you remember when suggesting that there might have been a Wuhan lab leak was considered to be "disinformation?" Ditto the Hunter Biden laptop.

The regulator “is equipped with wide-ranging investigatory and supervisory powers, including the power to impose sanctions and remedies,” it said in an emailed statement....Violations could be punished under the European Union’s tough new Digital Services Act, which forces online platforms to put into place measures to tackle illegal content and disinformation, uphold user rights, and protect user’s health and wellbeing.

Oh please, please protect our health and wellbeing from dangerous Thoughtcrimes!

Under the Digital Services Act, the bloc has singled out multiple online platforms and search engines last year as large entities worthy of scrutiny. That includes X, Meta Platforms Inc., Alphabet Inc. and others with more than 45 million monthly active users in Europe.

Which of the Big Tech platforms will abide by the dictates of the Orwellian Digital Services Act? Looking at you, YouTube!

Russian state media has claimed that the political motivation behind the shooting was Fico’s criticism of pro-Ukrainian aid.

The alleged perp was recorded loudly protesting Fico's criticism of Ukraine aid, so does that mean the platforms carrying that video will be fined or otherwise punished by the self-styled arbiters of "truth?"