Even Chris Cuomo Compares Fleeing Texas Democrats to Filibuster

July 15th, 2021 4:20 PM

Is there something in the water which causes a few liberal media folks to actually speak the truth by noting the hypocrisy of Democrats at the federal level condemning the U.S. Senate filibuster while at the same time hailing Texas state Democrats for fleeing their state in order to deny a quorum for a vote on the voting laws? 

As Newsbusters' Mark Finkelstein highlighted on Wednesday, we had the example of former Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill, now an MSNBC analyst, discomforting host Nicole Wallace by comparing the blocking procedure by the Texas Democrats to the Senate filibuster. In the same vein we had Chris Cuomo on Monday performing an almost identical hypocrisy check while interviewing a Texas state representative. 


Here's the exchange:

CHRIS CUOMO: But there is an interesting - help me understand the mind of the Democrat here, on this level. You're going to Washington, to basically tell the Democrats, in the Senate, "Listen? Forget the filibuster. You got to blow it up and pass this, because it's too important."

And yet, you're kind of availing yourself of the same remedy, on the state level. You're a minority. And you are gumming up the works, because you are afraid of what will happen, if you go there, and the votes predominate.

So, aren't you asking, on the federal level, for them, to take away the exact kind of tool that you are using right now, to stop something from happening in Texas?

STATE REP. CLAUDIA ORDAZ PEREZ (D-TX): I mean, what options are we left with here? I mean, we're, you know, there's folks that are upset that we - that we left. They quote, unquote, say that we're abandoning our ships.

Will the other hosts on CNN notice Cuomo's obvious (but accurate) words?