Chris Cuomo: Tucker Carlson is Picture of 'WASPy White Male'

July 19th, 2019 8:00 PM

It appears there is at least one ethnic group that is safe to mock on CNN. WASPs, namely White Anglo Saxon Protestants. CNN's Chris Cuomo mocked FNC host Tucker Carlson for what he perceived (not quite accurately) was Carlson's ethnic background to slam him during Cuomo Prime Time, Thursday.

CUOMO: And why did he pick these? Why isn't he going after Biden and Bernie as much as he's going after Brown women? And, you know, when I - again, people get upset when I put it that way.

But you tell me why he picked these four people, and why he keeps talking about them? He talks about these four, more than he does anybody who's running against him. What do the Democrats do about that?

At this point, Alexandra Rojas, Executive Director of the Justice Democrats, to no one's surprise plunges deep into identity politics.

ALEXANDRA ROJAS: Well I think that they need to embrace it, right? I think go on the offensive, and talk about our vision because the reality is, is that, you know, the progressive ideals that these four Congresswomen represent.

And let me take a step back because I think that Fox News and Donald Trump have been targeting these women. They've at least been targeting AOC.

And the reason why is because these are four women of color and they are trying to point to these white voters and say, "You have nothing in common with black and brown people of this country."

Back to Cuomo who takes his shot at the safe ethnicity to mock:

And that's why you see Tucker Carlson doing it so much because he is the picture of the WASPy white male, right?

Ironically Carlson is not exactly a WASP since he is about one-quarter Italian (or Swiss Italian) on his biological mother's side (maiden name "Lombardi").