MSNBC's Jackson Admits Dems Giving Healthcare to Illegals a Gift for Trump

June 28th, 2019 3:14 PM

It's Christmas in June for President Donald Trump! Why? Because the Democrats at the second debate in Miami have given him the wonderful gift of guaranteed reelection?

Who made that claim? MSNBC host Hallie Jackson during her interview with the Washington Post's Aaron Blake on Friday when she revealed the gleeful response from Trump campaign sources she had been texting. Apparantly they appreciated the Christmas gift that the Democrats had given them in the form of all of them at the debate agreeing to give free healthcare benefits to illegal immigrants. 

AARON BLAKE: I think it was remarkable what we saw as far as the rhetoric especially on immigration. The way that they talked about it, all raising their hands when asked whose healthcare plans would cover illegal immigrants.

HALLIE JACKSON: Can I show you, I'm texting with Trump campaign sources. Christmas. Compared to Christmas. Gleeful.

Blake then went on to explain why this is a politically suicidal position for the Democrats.

BLAKE: This is a proposal that California became the first state to experiment with just this year. This is not a consensus position in American politics. In fact when the Trump campaign's internal polling came out and they were trying to explain it and they were trying to spin it, well this was the issue that they noted changed the poll numbers the greatest amount when they suggested that Joe Biden supported health care coverage for undocumented immigrants. They love this.

This is a sea change in the Democratic Party's rhetoric on this and I think the fact that they all raised their hand for that question was it was a really telling moment.

JACKSON: We will see that clip again.

Yup, we sure will Hallie. That clip of the Democrat candidates all raising their hands in favor of free healthcare for illegals is destined to become a 2020 campaign ad to be played over and over again.

Exit question: Will the Democrats denounce such a campaign ad showing them all raising their hands as dirty politics?