Beto O'Rourke Dental Visit Livestreaming Mocked by Colonoscopy Meme

Call it the meme that was born almost simultaneously among many who viewed the livestream by Beto O'Rourke of his visit to a dental office where he got his teeth cleaned. And that mocking meme, even from many liberals, was "colonoscopy." Yes, that is what the way too intimate view of Beto's orifice inspired in terms of the meme about the other orifice at his opposite end. 

Before we get to the mocking meme, let us take a look at Beto's Instagram livestream that inspired the mockery. Oh, and a saliva slurping sound grossout alert is a mandatory warning before you dare to view it.

No sooner did that Beto dental office visit livestream hit the web than the colonoscopy memes began to appear. Here are a few of the most noteworth of them starting with a tweet from Ben Jacobs, a political reporter for The Guardian.


Even the liberal San Francisco Chronicle showed no mercy for O'Rourke starting with the title of this January 10 article by Filipa Ioannou, "Beto O'Rourke Instagrams his trip to the dentist, and people hate it."

Others feared Beto's all-access content would kick off a race to the bottom — literally.

Many expressed relief that at least he hadn't chosen to record a colonoscopy or visit to the proctologist.

Another media person who noted that O'Rourke made a fool of himself was Ana Marie Cox, the founding editor of Wonkette:


You can find many more Beto colonoscopy memes just by doing a Web search on "Beto" and "colonoscopy" together. However, you don't really need to imagine a Beto colonoscopy to realize how ridiculous the loser of the U.S. Senate race has already made himself as this report by Clyde McGrady in the January 11 Roll Call noted:

Yes, Beto turned his teeth-cleaning into a Q&A on the border, and no, we can’t unhear the sound of his saliva traveling through a dental vacuum.

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