CNN Finally Finds Former Trump Supporter Who Regrets Her Vote

July 19th, 2018 2:43 PM

Hoorah! CNN has finally had its Bigfoot moment. After a long, arduous search which has been going on by CNN and the mainstream media since at least February 2017, a Trump voter who now no longer supports him has been found and featured in a video. 

Although others in the video proclaimed their support for the President or his policies, CNN highlighted that one, count them, ONE, voter who changed her mind on their home page with a link to the video titled “Trump voter: I really regret my support of him.”

The comment of the one, count them, ONE, Trump voter who no longer supports him was even quoted in the CNN title of the story,  “‘I don't like the uncertainty:’ Wisconsin voters split after Trump-Putin summit.”

And now we join CNN reporters Kyung Lah and Sophie Tatum in their July 18 report which finally yielded Bigfoot, I mean a Trump voter who no longer supports him:



She voted for Donald Trump but now says she regrets it. He didn't vote for Trump but gives him credit for the economy. Another voter thinks Trump is doing a great job.

CNN traveled to a pivotal swing state to gauge what voters there had to say about President Donald Trump's time in office, on the heels of his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Three voters in Kenosha, Wisconsin, sat down at Spanky's Bar & Grill, where they gave their thoughts on everything from the fallout over Trump's comments Monday after his meeting with Putin to whether they thought he would be re-elected in 2020.

Praise the Lord! CNN has finally located their political Bigfoot at Spanky's Bar & Grill in Wisconsin:

Anderson was born and raised in Kenosha, and although she voted for Trump in 2016, she said she regrets that now. "I had voted for Obama. This time around I went ahead and voted for Donald Trump. And I really regret that decision," Anderson said.

When asked why she regrets her vote, she said she doesn't like "how he presents himself."

"I don't like the uncertainty," she said.

Trump faced significant criticism for his comments at a joint news conference with his Russian counterpart on Monday, where he initially said he didn't have reason to think Russia had interfered in the 2016 election after hearing Putin's denial. (On Tuesday he said he had misspoken.)

"For him to just kind of push it off to the side, like he doesn't believe it, I think he's knocking the whole system," Anderson said of Trump's comments.

When asked what she thought was going to happen in 2020, Anderson said she doesn't trust the President.

"Not him. I've already decided," Anderson said. "I just don't feel that he thinks things through before he jumps into them. For me, personally, because I just really don't trust him. I just really don't trust him."

There are more CNN interviews but, of course, they are not highlighted like the one above because they aren't former Trump voters who changed their mind.

So what are the chances of CNN giving such prominence to a former Hillary Clinton voter who now supports Trump? Nil? None?