Twitter Liberals Triggered by White House Laurel or Yanny Video

May 18th, 2018 8:48 PM

Laurel or Yanny?

If you are scratching your head over that question then you probably haven't been on the Web for the past few days. During that time, a viral audio clip has been featured in which a listener will hear either "Laurel" or "Yanny." Two very different sounding words. Well, the White House entered this controversy with an amusing video featuring staffers who heard one or the other word. 

They also tweeted out the video and not unsurprisingly it triggered an angry reaction from liberals as we shall see.



As proof that liberals can never ever rest as long as President Donald Trump occupies the White House, check out some of the angry reactions of liberals on Twitter to the video:


Which children are named Laurel and who are the Yanny kids?


If you showed this to former FBI Director James Comey, he would probably say he heard "crossfire" while former CIA Director John Brennan would swear it's "hurricane."


Trump deranged liberals heard "Immigrants" while everybody else heard "MS-13."

Exit question: Should the White House also produce a "Green Needle" or "Brainstorm" video just to bring us more amusement provided by triggered Twitter liberals?