CNN's Comey Countdown Clock Ticks Down the Seconds to Testimony Time

June 6th, 2017 4:05 PM

Hours... Minutes... Seconds...

The world awaits the very moment former FBI Director James Comey begins his testimony on June 8 before the Senate Intelligence Committee. It could be the most momentous world event in decades...or even centuries! And we must all thank CNN for providing us with the Comey Countdown Clock so we can be aware of exactly how long we have to wait until our lives are changed forever.

Of course, a killjoy out there could point out that Comey already did testify before the Senate a month ago on May 3 when he said there was no effort to get him to stop the investigation into supposed collusion between Russia and the Donald Trump campaign. In fact, if he were to contradict his previous testimony he would be opening up himself to a perjury charge.

But no matter. Just watch CNN's Comey Countdown Clock below and enjoy the imaginary drama queen tension for now. Oh, and pay no attention to John King. He is just saying the same liberal stuff he always says. All that is important is that Comey Countdown Clock. Look at it carefully. Be sure not to take your eyes off of it as it counts down every crucial second to testimony time.

Hey you! I know who you are! You dared to take your eyes off the Comey Countdown Clock for just a moment. You better not repeat that offense or I shall be forced to report your transgression to CNN Mission Control. CNN takes this all very seriously as their editor-at-large Chris Cillizza explains:

The big three broadcast networks -- ABC, CBS and NBC -- announced they would be carrying the Comey hearing live, an unheard-of move for something so traditionally mundane as a congressional hearing. Please watch the hearing on CNN or stream it live at

And please don't take your eyes off the CNN Comey Countdown Clock. Every second counts.

High stakes. Major revelations. Wall-to-wall TV coverage. And a president ready to blow. Add it all up and Thursday is shaping up to be the single biggest day in Washington in decades.

Will Wolf Blitzer blow if Comey's testimony turns out to be a big nothing burger (i.e. confirms his previous testimony)?

Exit question: Did Geraldo have an Al Capone Vault Opening Countdown Clock?