CBC Fake News Show Hires Actor to Portray Racist Trump Supporter

January 24th, 2017 4:30 PM

It seems that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's Marketplace show was unable to find a racist Trump supporter. Instead, they hired an actor named Mike to portray one as you shall see. Mike's job as a racist Trump supporter was to sell a couple of White Power T-shirts along with a "Make Canada Great Again" T-shirt. It was their laughably unsubtle attempt to link Donald Trump to racism. 

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Around 40 seconds into the video, we are introduced to the fake news actor hired to portray a pro-Trump racist:

NARRATOR: Meet mike. He's an actor about to play the most uncomfortable role of his career.

The fake news actor then described the role he is about to play:

MIKE: Let me get into character. I'll say "make Canada great again. Worldwide white power." Things like that. Strong words. Words that I never expect to come out of my mouth but it is a role.

Key word is "role" because this is fake news.

Canadian commentator Ezra Levant of The Rebel goes into detail on the scam perpetrated by this CBC show:

Tonight I’m talking about a recent segment on CBC’s show Marketplace, about a guy selling “white power” t-shirts on a Toronto street.

Except it wasn’t real.

The CBC paid an actor, using your tax dollars, to sell racist shirts (that you also paid for).

Marketplace used to uncover scams in business, like unscrupulous contractors, and bring them to justice. Now Marketplace is the one perpetrating scams.

And did you see how they conflate the slogan “Make Canada Great Again” with racism? That’s insane.

By the way: We at the Rebel registered that trademark a while ago, and sell “Make Canada Great Again” stuff. (Our trademark lawyer is sending the CBC a cease and desist letter.)

Canada is a great place, and so is the U.S. But that doesn’t fit the CBC’s agenda.

This segment aired on the day of Trump’s inauguration. Think about that.

Now Melanie Joly, Trudeau’s culture minister, wants a national crack-down on “fake news.”

And the first place to start a crack-down on "fake news" in Canada is on CBC's own Marketplace.