Bababooey! Howard Stern Schools His Producer on 2nd Amendment

April 13th, 2016 10:30 PM


Once again the producer of the Howard Stern radio show, Gary Dell'Abate, gets schooled on something. This time Howard sets Gary straight on what the 2nd Amendment really means. Gary doesn't sound so much antithetical to the 2nd Amendment as completely confused. By the time Howard is done, Gary still sounds confused but at least the audience gets a bunch of good laughs listening to Howard patiently but hilariously dealing with his hapless producer who thinks he is "reasonable" on this issue. No transcript because it is necessary to hear the tone of both Howard's (and co-host Robin Quivers') responses to Gary's confusion to fully appreciate the flavor of this episode. However, a strong language advisory and perhaps a warning if you are drinking coffee that you could soak your computer screen when you burst out laughing.

Here are some of the more amusing YouTube responses to Gary's confusion:

That was fantastic. He pulled out every nonsensical and straw-man argument, but HS schooled him and left Mr. Liberal Socialist completely lost for words.

"i don't know enough about guns", end of conversation...........

Amen Howard and Robin. Typical Liberal thought police. "If you have guns and ammo you most likely are mentally deficient and want to harm people".