Will MSM Meekly Accept Press Restrictions During Ft. Sill Unaccompanied Alien Children Facility Visit?

July 7th, 2014 7:07 PM

It's supposed to be the "most transparent administration in history" yet the federal government is placing restrictions on the press so severe that you would think they were visiting the super secret Area 51 rather than the Ft. Sill Unaccompanied Alien Children facility in Oklahoma. Congressman Jim Bridenstine of that state recently tried to investigate at the site but was rebuffed by maximum security.

Today, Bridenstine appeared as a guest on CNN's The Lead with Jake Tapper and revealed the incredible restrictions that will be placed upon the press when they will be permitted to visit the facility this Thursday. Basically, they can view what is carefully presented to them but only if they agree to hermetically seal themselves off from the reality of the situation. Read for yourself the absurd restrictions the press must submit themselves to:

JAKE TAPPER:  One congressman wanted to visit these facilities for himself. Republican Congressman Jim Bridenstine wanted to see Ft. Sill, which is located in his home state of Oklahoma and currently houses about 1,000 documented and unaccompanied minors. He notified Health and Human Services that he planned to visit the facility while there for an unrelated meeting. But he did not hear back until he was already on his way.

He and some aides drove around a large chain link fence looking for a gate or someone in charge to let him into the facility. And, well, I'll let him tell what you happened next.


REP. JIM BRIDENSTINE (R), OKLAHOMA: We saw somebody peering through the fence. We stopped the car. I got out. Explained I was a member of Congress, that I represent the first district of Oklahoma, that I'd very much like to talk to the person who runs the facility.

He made a radio call. The radio call came back and said the congressman is welcome to take a tour on the 21st of July. This was on the 1st of July. So, they wanted me to wait three weeks.

I asked -- I asked them to make sure they understood I'm a federal representative of the people. This is federal property. This is a federal operation and I would very much like to meet the person that runs the facility.

The person who runs the facility came down. I shook his hand. We had a brief conversation and he was very clear that no members of Congress were going to have access until the 21st, is what he said at the time.

TAPPER: The media will get a tour of the facility Thursday. They are not allowed to bring in recording devices or talk to any of the children. My understanding is you've been offered a tour that day, as well, but your schedule doesn't allow it so you might be going this Saturday.

Are you going to take the tour if they give you the same limits -- you can't talk to children, you can't bring in recording devices?

BRIDENSTINE: I will take whatever tour they authorize me to take, but I will also make sure that I do everything I can to make -- so that people are aware that they are -- they have something here they don't want people to know.

Like you said, they invited the media. The media is going to come on the 10th. But the media was -- they were told they are not allowed to ask questions, they are not allowed to speak to the employees, they're not allowed to speak to the medical staff, they're not allowed to speak, of course, to the children. They're not allowed to bring any recording devices.

And if you like pictures, HHS said we will provide pictures to you.

So far not a peep of protest from the mainstream media. Does this mean they are going to meekly accept these severe restrictions? If so, then Ft. Sill might as well be renamed Potemkin Village.