NBC News Uncritically Swallows HHS Obamacare 'Surge' Number


Ooooh! Let's throw a Brosurance keg party!!!

The March Obamacare numbers are surging! Yes, in just the first two weeks of March, the number of "enrollees" has surged 800,000 from 4.2 million to 5 million. How do I know this? Because the Department of Health and Human Services told me so and the most "transparent" administration in history would never fib, would they? If you think that your humble correspondent is incredibly naive for blindly swallowing the HHS Obamacare numbers, I am just reflecting the attitude of a report at NBC News written by senior health writer Maggie Fox acting as if she were a stenographer for the HHS PR department:

Five million people have now signed up for health insurance on the state and federal online exchanges, the Obama administration said Monday — a number that suggests a big-last minute surge to get coverage.

The new figures suggest a final push by the White House to get people to enroll is working. The deadline to get signed up for 2014 is March 31, just two weeks away. As of March 1, the Health and Human Services Department said 4.2 million people had signed up.

I am so excited that I can hardly contain myself! But after that moment of excitement, nagging questions start to gnaw at me. Like questions about how many of those supposed enrollees have actually paid for their Obamacare? Ms Fox conveniently refrains from exploring that piece of data but many of her readers in the comments section express the healthy skepticism that Fox completely avoids:

HHS actually tells you it is IMPOSSIBLE for them to know how many people have actually paid, this despite word from the Insurance Industry that they have been reporting these numbers to HHS all along.

Less than 2% of Americans get Obama Care. But how many people had their insurance cancel them because of the changes?

Now 1 million people have signed up in the last 2 weeks???????????? Since we are getting these #'s, how about the number of people who have active , paid for coverage now?????

We landed a man on the moon 35 years ago. We invented wireless communication. We basically are living much like the cartoon Jetsons. Yet we can't count how many people have paid for the policy? This defies common sense.

To get the critical look at the supposed Obamacare "surge" that the NBC Happy News report utterly lacks, check out the aptly titled March Madness? Fake ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers in Commentary Magazine.

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