Worried HuffPo Urges Liberals to Change Subject From Obamacare at Thanksgiving Table Talk


Don't be too surprised if you hear a liberal relative shout that out at the Thanksgiving table today if the topic of talk turns to Obamacare. Although Barack Obama himself has been urging members of Organizing For America to bring up Obamacare talking points at the dinner parties today, another liberal school of thought is that the President's signature program has fumbled so badly that it is now too embarrassing to defend. So when a gloating relative points out that conservatives have been right about the train wreck of Obamacare all along, one must change the subject entirely. Huffington Post writers Nick wing and Shadee Ashtari provide some helpful tips on what subjects a liberal can bring up to change the subject away from the embarrassment of Obamacare:

By now, we've accepted it: The delicious meal we get at Thanksgiving comes with a price, and it's not just the one associated with financing the whole production. As families across the country come together this Thursday to give thanks and eat themselves into comas, they will also be faced with having to confront the uncles, cousins and family friends with whom they often have very little to agree upon.

...the links below can be used to quickly deflect any aggravating political conversation with some safer topics. Also feel free to pull them out when your family starts asking you when you're going to get married and start having babies.

But especially if they broach the indefensible subject of Obamacare. Anyway, here are some of the helpful links provided so as to avoid talking about you-know-what:

We know the president wants us to discuss healthcare, but it might ruin the turkey in this family. Is everyone aware there's a baby panda trying to walk right now?

Yup! The hope is there that an image of an incredibly cute baby panda will overshadow the "ugly" talk about the Obamacare disaster. And if the cute baby panda doesn't do the trick then hit them with speculation about what Bob Marley would look like today if he had lived. Then there is the baby girl video where she cries in reaction to her mother singing.

Laughter could be a great antidote to Obamacare talk especially an image of Toronto's mayor, Rob Ford, falling over as he attempts to pass a football. If a crazed bumbling mayor, a baby panda, or a human baby crying in response to song doesn't do the trick, the writers suggest a video featuring baby otters jumping and cheering.

Don't be too surprised if some liberals act so defensively that they reflexively bring up the avoidance talking points even if the subject has nothing to do with Obamacare. The Thanksgiving table talk could go something like this:

RELATIVE: So which do you think is better? New York or Chicago pizza?


RELATIVE: Did you hear that there will be a spinoff of the "Breaking Bad" show featuring Saul Goodman?


RELATIVE: Who do you think will be in the SuperBowl?


In any event I hope everybody out there, including the baby panda liberals, has a happy Thanksgiving!

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