DUers, Kossacks Go Berserk Over Newsweek Obama Cover


That quote pretty much sums up the reaction of the Democratic Underground and Daily  Kos posters to the Newsweek Obama cover, Hit The Road, Barack. And as you can see in these two DUer threads here and here as well as this Kossack thread, the left is hitting back...hard. A big part of their anger comes from their sense of betrayal from a "friendly," namely Newsweek magazine. The good news is that their very anger and outrage is also incredibly entertaining. So break out the popcorn and soda and enjoy the inadvertent comedy which comes first from the DUers:

can the DOJ ban the cover. Stop the circulation as its not honest

Ban them or fine them

wouldn't the Fairness Doctrine be something that might apply in this case?

It's also somewhat disrespectful to refer to the President by his first name on the cover.

Not to be outdone by the DUers, the Kossacks also take their shots at the comedy showcase:

Newsweek Magazine Needs to Be Put out of Business Permanently

What is worse, Newsweek shamelessly promotes this right-wing smear effort as a substantive analysis, while urging Twitter followers to use a disrespectful hashtag when discussing this piece.

no way that belongs on the front page. Its opinion not journalism.

You can find even more DUer and Kossack laughs over the Newsweek cover story at the DUmmie FUnnies.

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