Bizarre Morning Joe Promo Emulates Mocked Cain Smoking Commercial

Remember the notorious Herman Cain commercial in which his campaign chief of staff concludes his talk by taking a puff on a cigarette? It wasn't long before the crew on the Morning Joe show good naturedly mocked that commercial. Today Joe Scarborough is no longer mocking that commercial. His show is emulating it in what is perhaps the most bizarre promo ever aired for a supposed news and commentary show.

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If you hit the replay button after your first viewing to validate that what you thought you just saw was what you really saw then you won't be alone. As you can see, the promo is that wildly bizarre. Not only will you see a slumbering Joe Scarborough being wakened with a heart jump start but he celebrates that return to life by taking swigs on a whiskey bottle and puffs on a cigarette. Later Joe is crouched down, still puffing on a cigarette, shooting dice on a sidewalk with a bunch of street gamblers.

Meanwhile Willie Geist is downing whiskey shots at an all night club surrounded by models...or are they "working girls?"

All this time Mika Brzezinski is running through the streets of the city dressed in a tight outfit. It  is reminiscent of the famous 1984 Apple Macintosh commercial although I was a bit disappointed that she did not toss a sledge hammer at a big screen of Brian Williams spouting the MSDNC party line.

I'm not an expert lip reader but did Mike Barnicle mouth a word that began with "s" and ended with "t" when he woke up on the park bench? 

So will this off the charts show promo, obviously inspired by the Herman Cain campaign commercial which they previously thought was silly, help the Morning Joe show ratings? Here is a comment about that promo from the Business Insider:

Too bad they didn't throw a shark into the mix for Mika to jump over on her epic morning run.


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