DUers and Kossacks Punch Themselves Silly for Believing in Weiner

June 7th, 2011 9:43 PM

The sounds of the slaps you hear are those of the DUers at the Democratic Underground and the Kossacks at the Daily Kos slapping themselves silly for ever believing Anthony Weiner's very obvious lies. The only thing that makes them angrier than their gullibility being publicly exposed is the fact that Weiner apologized to Andrew Breitbart. That really drove them over the edge and contributed greatly to their sudden disillusionment with the New York congressman.

To get a handle on the unbelievable extent of their gullibility, we need to take a short trip down memory lane to just over a week ago to May 29 when the DUers were completly buying into the assertion in the title of their thread, "Anthony Weiner: Hackers posted lewd photos on Twitter." A few choice tidbits of their outrage over the belief that it was Weiner who was hacked:

I knew those monsters would go after Weiner. They always attack the best of us. Psychopaths always attack your strengths. Grrrrr

They messed with the wrong person this time. Anthony Weiner is not going to be silent while they go after him. This could actually be a good thing.

The DUers righteous anger at the "injustice" done to Weiner boiled over into another thread that weekend, "Breitbart publishes risqué photo, claims it’s Anthony Weiner’s wiener," which was chock full of indignation as you can see:

Breitbart is not very bright to mess with Anthony Weiner. He will get his ass kicked.

Following Weiner's disastrous press conference and more evasiveness last week, few rational people believed his story about being hacked. Note the qualifying word "rational" which pretty much left the DUers and their leftwing Kossack cousins out of the loop as you can see by the very title of their June 1 DU thread, "I believe Wiener." Some choice tidbits from the world of the not exactly rational:

There is no way in this world that a man with as good a head on his shoulders is going to do something so juvinile...just no way..

Personally, I think he knows something that he cannot reveal just now, but which will sink Breitbart's operation. I think he doesn't want to let on what it is and that's why he is stonewalling.

Well, I never doubted Anthony Weiner for one second.

So comes Monday and the "never doubted" Weiner finally confessed to being both the hacker and the liar. Even more painful for the DUers, as well as the Kossacks, was the fact that Weiner apologized to Andrew Breitbart, That sent them into a fury as you can see in this Kossack thread, "Weiner accepts responsibility for sending Tweet; Apologizes, won't resign." Here the crow eating Kossack reaction to the Breitbart salt being rubbed into their wounds:

The f---ing media wants Weiner to apologize to Andrew Breitbart, which Weiner delivers.

I hate giving them this shit to harp on and giving Breitbart credibility is the worst part of the whole thing.

This guy just vindicated breitbart. I can't think of a more collosal f'up.

That's the worst part. &$*%ing Breitbart is vindicated in this instance.

That Breitbart appears to be vindicated is really the hardest part of this whole sordid mess to stomach. This ordinarily lying scum is going to be hailed as Man of the Century on FAUX News for the next month. Aaarrgh.

My problem is that Andrew Breitbart comes out of this piece of dreck smelling like a rose. He was right. Now he's earned himself a boatload of credibility.

Besides their anger over the vindication of Breitbart, the Kossacks also hated the fact that they would be forced to publicly eat crow as you can see in the comedy classic post:

I'm pissed. I look like a f---ing jerk for defending the guy to my conservative friends. I'll be eating crap and they won't listen to a damn thing I say politically for the next four months. Sometimes I can persuade them to not be such douchebags, but I'm in for a very uncomfortable time now. Thanks, Rep Weiner.

Perhaps the most hilarious thread of all was published at the DU on Monday just after Weiner confessed to lying and DUer MineralMan was embarrassed into engaging in a very public act of self-flagellation for placing his complete faith in the Congressman, leading off with:

I spent much of today defending Congressman Weiner.

Unfortunately for MineralMan, he suddenly discovers what ordinary simpletons already knew... That Weiner was (GASP) lying:

Now that he has 'fessed up to his sleazy behavior, I'm embarrassed about my defense of him. I like what he does in Congress. I like his positions. I like what he stands for. But, he lied to me and I stood up for him here on DU, where a number of people were questioning his veracity. They were correct, and I was incorrect in my assessment of the man.

More of MineralMan's anger at Weiner for being made to look the fool:

I no longer trust Congressman Weiner. I no longer believe what he says. He lied to me, and I stood behind him, based on his statements in this scandal. I don't care if he was d---ing around on the Internet with women. That's a matter of no consequence to me. I care that he lied about it and caused me to defend him in his lies. That, in my opinion, is unethical behavior, and that I will not tolerate or support.

Besides his anger at being made to look stupid, MineralMan is outraged over the vindication of Breitbart to whom Weiner apologized:

In his lies, he has given credibility to an ugly pseudo-journalist and added to Breitbart's influence. That is a very negative consequence of this incident. A very negative consequence.

You can watch MineralMan and a lot of other DUers as well as Kossacks eating large portions of crow at the DUmmie FUnnies here and here.

The Andrew Weiner tragicomedy, emphasis on comedy, continues.....