Joe Manchin ObamaCare Reversal Draws Huffington Post Scorn

So what was the reaction at the Huffington Post to the admission  by West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin, who is now running for a U.S. Senate seat from that state, that he would now oppose ObamaCare despite his earlier support for that same legislation? Brutal scorn as can be seen in the very title of Huffington Post political writer Sam Stein's article, "Joe Manchin Does 180: I Would Have Voted Against Health Care Reform." Stein, as well as the comments from the Huffington Post readers, are now slamming Manchin for blatant political opportunism on this topic. It's not a pretty sight. First Sam Stein weighs in:

West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin's sprint away from President Obama's agenda accelerated a bit on Sunday, when he announced that, had he been in Congress at the time, he would have voted against health care reform.

Appearing on "Fox News Sunday," Manchin, running in a tight race for Senate, made what can only be described as a full 180. After having once said he would have voted for the bill, he cited onerous paperwork requirements, the physical length of the legislation, and the individual mandate for insurance coverage as reasons he would have opposed health care reform.

...On political grounds, Manchin seems to be suggesting that he knows more about the health care law now than he did when it was being debated. Perhaps that's true. But he also didn't hesitate in commenting on the bill while it was being debated, giving off the impression that back then he understood it's various benefits and weaknesses.

And now a sampling of the fury directed at Manchin by the Huffington Post readers:

Progressive Dems. Do not elect this man, he is merely a Blue Dog political opportunist waiting to sink the movement. Better to vote green and send the Party a message. This brand of candidate is unacceptable.

You're a real profile in courage, governor.

Hi my name is Joe Manchin and I am from the school of politics where we say anything just to get elected. Integrity, whats that? I realize that WV is a bit conservative and the citizens are turning on our president but to blatantly turn your back on Obama to win votes is disgusting. Is there no pride and truthfulness or loyalty left in politics?

The irony is that this is exactly what's gonna make him lose, instead of gain votes. Nobody wants a Democrat who goes against his own principles and administration, for that they'd rather vote for the pure Republican.

Way to embrace a losing strategy. If you want to win as a Democrat, do it proudly. Nobody likes a flip flopper.

Is it too late to get Senator Byrd's urn to run for re-election?

It will be interesting to see the results of the next senate election poll numbers out of West Virginia. If the comments above are any indication, Manchin did himself no favors with his startling ObamaCare reversal yesterday.

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