Norman Lear Childishly Slams Rush Limbaugh...Without Mentioning a Single Issue

October 21st, 2010 10:20 AM


You're so angry and stupid're GONNA EXPLODE!!!

That sums up the incredibly embarrassing childish critique of Rush Limbaugh by Norman Lear. Not one issue was mentioned. Ironically Lear slammed Limbaugh for being like an uncontrollable kid yet it was Lear himself who lowered himself to using slams that most folks haven't heard since sitting in a grade school cafeteria and hearing the children ragging on each other.  Even for the Huffington Post, Lear's childishness is over the top. The only reason I can think of about why the editor gave his piece a pass is that Lear is a celebrity. And in case you think your humble correspondent has exaggerated about the content-free childishness of Lear's slams against Limbaugh, here is his entire brief schoolboyish mudsling:

Folks, I'm worried about Rush Limbaugh. Has anyone ever exploded, you know, burst apart, like if we humans had seams and they just burst open and guts and shit shot out in every direction?

Has that ever happened to anyone any of you have ever known even in the wildest of election seasons? 'Cause listening to Limbaugh in my car today, carrying on about Obama with less than 2 weeks to the midterms (and I'm someone who's heard him a lot and knows what a screamer he is) how he can carry on like the kid you knew up the block who could stand there and holler dumbness until his face got red as a radish --oh, My God, is that where "redneck" comes from?! -- and today, riding with my car windows down, I thought "This guy is gonna split a gut so bad I better put my car windows up even if I'm in LA and he's broadcasting from Florida.


Yeah, that mean ol' Rush is so angry that he's gonna blow up! Take that! And from that low level, Lear descends into an even more childish finale:

So I put the windows up and when I got to a computer I checked to see if Mr. Limbaugh was still in one piece or scattered in bits and pieces across the landscape, a chunk of bladder here, a piece of pituitary there and maybe his mouth around the wide end of a megaphone somewhere.

I'm happy to say I worried for nothing. Mr. Limbaugh was still in one piece. But one piece of -- what?

Norman, I just gotta ask: Are you 88 or 8?