Susan Estrich Suddenly 'Concerned' Over Paladino Qualifications to Become NY Governor

Remember when liberals brushed aside any criticism of candidate Barack Obama being unqualified to become president because of his lack of executive experience? Well, that was then and this is now because Susan Estrich has suddenly developed "concern" over the qualifications of the Tea Party backed Republican gubernatorial candidate in New York, Carl Paladino. A skeptic might rightly believe this recent Estrich infatuation with qualifications could be inspired by the fact that Paladino is closing the gap in the polls with the Democrat candidate, Andrew Cuomo.

Here is Estrich with her newly developed qualifications concern:

The Republican nominee for governor of New York doesn't spend a lot of time talking about himself, which is both good and bad. It's good because, in truth, his surprise victory over the "establishment" favorite (and Conservative Party candidate) Rick Lazio had very little to do with his qualifications and agenda, and everything to do with his tea party-infused attacks on Albany, government and the powers that are. It's bad, of course, for precisely the same reason.

Is Carl Paladino actually qualified to be governor of New York?

The question left unasked by Estrich is whether Andrew Cuomo is actually qualified to be governor of New York. Based on Cuomo's disastrous tenure as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the answer would have to be no:

Andrew Cuomo promised to "transform the lives of millions of families across our country" when as HUD secretary he announced his historic plan to increase home ownership. Eleven years later, many experts think that much-heralded transformation played a role in the devastating subprime mortgage meltdown and the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.

Estrich doesn't hide the fact that fear of Democrats losing is the real reason behind her recent concern over qualifications:

Christine O'Donnell could win. Cuomo could lose. California could elect a Republican to replace stalwart Democrat Barbara Boxer. I'm not predicting a Democratic demise — yet — but if the most popular politician in New York (and that is Cuomo) is in trouble in a race against a guy who is all but unheard of, whose stump speech consists of off-the-cuff remarks without a hint of an agenda for governing, then it's about time for some honest-to-goodness high-test fear to match the real anger on the other side.

And thank you, Susan, for being honest over what really motivates your concern over candidate qualifications. "High-test fear" over Democrats losing big this year.

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