Will CNN Bed Bug Infestation Cause MSM to Demand Lifting of DDT Ban?

Don't be too surprised to soon see CNN's Wolf Blitzer go from merely rubbing his beard to violently scratching his entire body. And please, Anderson Cooper, do try to refrain from incessantly touching yourself on camera. However, perhaps they can be forgiven. You see, according to TV Newser, CNN/Time Warner has a bed bug infestation and has sent out the following internal e-mail:

August 13, 2010
To: TBS, Inc. Employees
From: TBS, Inc. Human Resources

The Time Warner Center Facilities Department advises that bed bugs have been detected in Time Warner Center. This determination was made after testing was conducted on several floors of the building. In response, Time Warner Facilities is working with pest control providers to address the issue in an environmentally safe manner, and during non-working hours...

Unfortunately for CNN, the EPA has banned since 1972 the only insecticide really effective in combating bed bugs: DDT. And like good liberals, I am sure that CNN and most of the mainstream media fully supports that ban...until now. Therefore it will be interesting to see how long before CNN and other media outlets whose personnel are affected by the growing bed bug problem in New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and other urban areas plead for at least a temporary lifting of the DDT ban. It will be a case of liberal idealism vs. personal comfort. Should you think this bed bug concern is trivial then check out the posts on this agricultural forum where people are begging to buy DDT despite the ban in the USA:

I need to buy DDT for AWEFUL bed bug infestation. I have tried many many other things and nothing seems to work! Please help!

I have an infestation in the entire house of rental property and need to treat the house. tenants will be moved out soon

I need to buy DDT to counter a bedbug problem. I will contain and dispose of properly to reduce or eliminate environmental impact. 

I need ddt for bed bug control. I Have tried everything else, please helpme out with this aweful problem! 

NEED DDT FAST!!!!!! Brought home bed bugs from a camping trip and need a new solution. NOTHING ELSE WORKING

Come on, Rick Sanchez. Confess! Did you post one of those pleas? 

In any event, it will be interesting to see how much more time elapses before CNN and/or other news outlets develop a "strange new respect" for DDT. Perhaps they are holding back now but eventually the bed bug itching will override their liberalism.

Meanwhile, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite. 

UPDATE: Bootleg DDT?


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