Eric Holder CIA Investigation Announcement Unleashes Kossack Political Bloodlust

Liberals in the mainstream media may publicly pretend that the appointment of a prosecutor to investigate so-called torture in the CIA is non-political but to the members of the Daily Kos it is all about politics.

The politics of revenge.

On the heels of the Eric Holder Justice Department dropping a voter intimidation case against members of the New Black Panther Party for threatening voters with billy clubs in Philadelphia, it was announced yesterday that Holder will appoint a prosecutor to investigate the CIA over the loud protests of that agency's director, Leon Panetta.

Despite the public pretenses of many liberals that the investigation has nothing to do with politics, the crazed bloodlust comments at the Daily Kos shows it has everything to do with politics...and revenge:

Why not use the the Nuremberg trials as a guide....for trying our home-grown international law and constitutional criminals? I can see little difference between the Nazis and these bastards.

Rummy, too and I'm betting a guy named Rove got involved, too. Not to mention a couple of Generals.

All I want for christmas is Bush-Cheney in a cell.

And those comments were mere appetizers for what was to follow:

We can lock up the interrogators. We can lock up the memo lawyers. We can lock up people like Rumseld and Rice. All that would be great. But in the end, it STILL won't send the message that the world needs to see. Unless we also lock of GEORGE W. BUSH AND DICK CHENEY, this is gonna be little more than a whitewash. 

There must be investigation, there must be prosecution, and there ultimately must be life sentences without parole or pardon for 1) the people at the top who ordered torture, 2) those near the top who violated the Constitution on an almost daily basis to allow it to happen, and 3) those who crafted the legal opinions to let it happen. 

As to the role of President Obama, the Kossacks are under no illusions that Holder was acting independently:

Obama took on Holder specifically because he knew he would seek this info out and pursue it, maybe the exact day isn't the best timing but you can be sure that there was a general time frame for investigations to begin. 

And if you think the description of the Kossacks as having "bloodlust" is an exaggeration, take a look at this:

I don't want to see Cheney locked up. As a person who also has a pacemaker, I want to see the battery in Cheney's pacemaker removed. That's good enough for me.

Another Kossack is quite open in his speculation that the timing of this investigation is really about Obama's political struggles with the Republicans:

Does anyone think this is strange timing? It seems like there are so many Obama Administration irons in the fire right now, will this get the attention it really needs? Perhaps this is a way of getting the Grand Obstructionist Party to pay less attention to killing Health Care reform and to leave Cap 'N Trade alone. 

The all-about-politics bloodlust rantings inspired this bit of worried caution:

The Right will point to left-leaning sites like Kos and say "See it's a political witch hunt". 

Gee! Where would we ever get the idea that it is a political witch hunt? Another Kossack cautioned his comrades to "celebrate" in silence:

This is an instance where it would be better to celebrate in silence and let the process go where it may. Obama has desperately tried to distance himself from any Holder situation, to try and keep politics out of it. 

Finally this post that perfectly illustrates the Kossack bloodlust:

War crimes were committed by George W. ("We don't torture!") Bush, Dick (dictator) Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, John (Torture isn't torture so it is legal.) Yoo, George ("Medal of Freedom") Tenet, Alberto ("I don't recall.") Gonzales, John (Jesus Christ is my savior.) Ashcroft, David Addington, et. al. Execute quickly! 

You can see an even more detailed collection of the bloodlust revenge fantasies inspired in the Kossacks by this highly political investigation at the DUmmie FUnnies

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