Ed Schultz Goes Overboard in 'Psycho Talk' Rant About Rush Limbaugh; Mocks Deafness

It is well known that Ed Schultz, host of MSNBC's The Ed Show, has become quite unhinged lately due in large part to the low ratings of both his TV and radio shows. The result has been quite a bit of Psycho Talk volcanic anger from Big Ed. However, last Wednesday he outdid even himself in the "Psycho Talk" department on his low rated radio show on the subject of Rush Limbaugh to the extent that he was even mocking Rush's deafness. Here is the transcript and audio of that show provided by The Radio Equalizer. Before reading or listening further I must warn the folks out there that you are about to enter a very disturbing level of dementia rarely heard from someone in the public eye so proceed at your own risk:

Apparently the drug-ridden loser Rush Limbaugh, he thinks because he's got a lot of money and a lot of stations that he's a success in life, the guy that can't hear because he did so many drugs and had no self-discipline and character has now taken his first shot at me on "The Ed Show" on MSNBC. I love it!

Do we detect a very strong note of jealousy here from Schultz whose MSNBC show is the lowest rated of all talk cable shows? However, Big Ed is only getting warmed up:

Do you know why we call it "The Ed Show"? Because I'm not beholden to anybody. I don't need to be called some title, other than me, Ed! And I start every show with an Op-*Ed*.

Oh, so you're "not beholden to anybody," Ed? How about the $22,000 you received from three labor unions last year followed by you shilling for them on the air? And are you still charging people to attend your "town hall" meetings?

And I'm inviting the drug-ridden scumbag, Rush Limbaugh, on The Ed Show to debate me on any topic! He won't do it because he's a drug addict and he's a coward, a complete coward. Plus he probably couldn't hear me if he was on The Ed Show.

...C'mon you fat pig. Let's get it on. I'm getting ratings without you. Hell, I'm doing you a favor. C'mon, Rush! Let's get it on! Get out of your compound down there. Get away from your drugs. Go see the doctor and get some hearing. Maybe you could pick up a 19th girlfriend. Maybe you could try marriage again. By the way, Rush, you got any kids? Oh, you're out of the mainstream!

Oh but you got a radio show that they shove on everybody. C'mon, Rush, come on "The Ed Show". Prove to your listeners that you're not a coward. By the way, let's play golf since you like to do that. My family can kick your ass in that too.

Wow! So, MSNBC, are you proud of what the host of The Ed Show is saying? Does it make you feel good that he is making fun of a physical disability? As to the subject of cowardliness, it is Schultz who has already proven himself a coward by backing down from his own on-air challenge to conservative talk show hosts which was covered by your humble correspondent a couple of years ago:

On August 28, radio talk show host Ed Schultz, who has proclaimed that he became "converted" from conservative to liberal while eating a baloney sandwich with his future wife in a Salvation Army cafeteria, loudly issued a challenge to all conservative radio hosts to debate him. Since his show that day was simulcast by C-SPAN, the Big Eddy Challenge can be both seen and heard at almost 20 minutes into the third hour of his show:

...We'll stand up to any conservative talker anywhere in America who wants to have the guts to go head to head with me on your radio show, on your TV show, you conservatives, you're absolutely a bunch of damn liars and we're right back on the Ed Schultz show.

So what happened when a conservative talk show host took up the Big Eddy Challenge? Apparently Schultz hides behind his show's producer. Such was the case when Brian Craig, producer and co-host of The Steve Kane Show on WWNN 1470 AM radio in South Florida, attempted to arrange such a debate between Ed Schultz and Steve Kane. Your humble NewsBusters correspondent heard Craig on the radio yesterday talking about the difficulties in arranging this debate with the Ed Schultz Show producer, James. I subsequently contacted Craig who gave me the latest account of James ducking the Big Eddy Challenge on behalf of his boss today:

I called James, Ed's producer right after our conversation. When he answered the phone and I told him who I was he took a deep breath, meaning why are you calling. I asked if he had talked to Ed about debating Steve. He said, "Look, I know what you all are about."

I said, "Really?"

"I know what you are trying to do, you are a bunch of scam job artists and Ed's not interested in that."

He started to hang up and I said, "Do you want me to pass that message along on the air?" He then hung up the phone.

Through the whole conversation he was annoyed.
Are you still hiding behind your producer, Ed? Talk about cowardice! He backed down from his own challenge. 
Finally, it appears that Schultz is getting quite unnerved by NewsBusters for the "high crime" of relaying accurately what he says on the air. Wednesday's Schultz rant ended with this shot at NewsBusters:
You'll have plenty of cover from that nerd, Brent Bozell, over at NewsBusters. [forced laughter] They're so well-researched.
Yes, we are well-researched, Ed. We have a big file on your pathetic antics to which your latest case of juvenile dementia was added.
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