QAHCAA: Senate Health Bill Acronym Doomed to Become Subject of Blogosphere Mockery

Is there a Democrat senator or staffer secretly opposed to the new health care bill introduced by the Senate? One has to wonder because the new Senate health bill is named, "Quality, Affordable Health Coverage for All Americans." The acronym for this bill is the absolutely hilarious QAHCAA. Yes, say it out loud and it is pronounced exactly the way you suspect as in "This health bill is a bunch of QAHCAA."

Perhaps this bill was so named with complete cluelessness as to how it would sound when spoken out loud. In any event, this has to be the absolute worst, but funniest, acronym ever given to a proposed government program. Yes, NewsBusters is the first to point out the hilariousness of QAHCAA but it is inevitable that this acronym will be widely mocked in the blogosphere at large even if the MSM tries to ignore the embarrassment. 

Now Congressman John Boehner can again call this health bill a "Pile of sh...." Oops! I mean, "QAHCAA."

If the late night comedians aren't still totally in awe of Barack Obama, I wouldn't be surprised to see them joke about the Senate QAHCAA bill. But, hey, I already received a terrific joke from Mike Sargent of NewsBusters:

Can we rename the bill “Medically Acceptable, Quality, Affordable Health Coverage for All Americans?”

You know.

MAQAHCA?  Pronounced, MACACA?


It wouldn't surprise your humble correspondent a bit if the embarrassed Democrats in the Senate desperately attempt to rename their health bill. Too late. No matter what they do now, they will be forever stuck in their own QAHCAA. 

This acronym is rich with comedic possibilities. I can just see Senator Mitch McConnell ask Majority Leader Harry Reid if this bill is QAHCAA. 

Please post here all jokes you see in the future about QAHCAA. I am sure there will be a lot of them.

Oh, and thank you whoever thought up the name for the Senate health bill.



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