Low Rated Ed Schultz Engages in 'Psycho Talk'

What do you do when your TV show is flopping in the ratings department? If you're Ed Schultz, you desperately attempt to draw attention to yourself by engaging in "Psycho Talk" which, ironically is a segment of MSNBC's The Ed Show that Schultz uses to supposedly demonstrate "Psycho Talk" from conservatives. However, take a look at the crazed Schultz in this video slamming Hugh Hewitt for stating that he would refuse to buy cars from companies taken over by the government. It far exceeds in looniness any "Psycho Talk" that Schultz features in his segment. Here is how TV Squad, no friend of conservatives, describe's Schultz's Psycho Talk:

Whether you agree or disagree with Schultz, is too much to ask that he not succumb to clownish apoplexy to make his point? He even throws in an Elvis karate kick at the midway point of this rant.

The odd thing is Schultz was never quite this militant on his radio program. Opinionated? Sure. Ready to confront? He was paid to do that. But he wasn't wont to physically abuse bits of surrounding furniture.

The reason why Schultz is engaging in such "clownish apoplexy" probably has to do with the lousy ratings of The Ed Show. Here are the sad facts about Schultz's TV show ratings as reported by the New York Observer:

The 6 p.m. time slot has long bedeviled MSNBC executives. And, to date, the arrival of the popular, liberal talk show host has done little to boost the network’s numbers. In May, according to Nielsen data, The Ed Show, finished well behind CNN and Fox News at 6 p.m., averaging 510,000 total viewers and 126,000 in the 25-54 demographic--numbers, which were down 13% and 35% respectively compared with May of 2008 when David Gregory was anchoring the hour.

Therefore it is a good bet that the low ratings of The Ed Show is unhinging the massive ego of Schultz. We saw another example of this recently when Schultz went berserk on his radio show in response to the rather mild quesioning of  a caller. And despite the assertion by TV Squad that "Schultz was never quite this militant on his radio program," he was actually even more batty on the radio last Wednesday on the subject of Hugh Hewitt to the extent of expressing a desire to urinate on him as you can hear:

They worship money. They don't value human life the way they claim they do. That's a hoodwink.

So I guess Hugh Hewitt has never taken out a loan in his life. He's never had to depend on anybody else. He's probably the worst neighbor in the neighborhood. That's just a guess, I don't know that.

But I'd bring him over for a cocktail party. Sure, then I'd urinate on him, 'cause that's all he's worth.

Anybody who talks like that about the American worker is not an American, is anti-American and wants to see this country fail.

Can we expect to see even more Psycho Talk from Big Ed? If your humble correspondent were willing to shell out a hundred bucks for a VIP ticket to one of Ed's "town hall" meetings for the "privilege" of a private meet and greet with Schultz, he would be tempted to ask Ed if he plans to take out his MSNBC studio desk with a karate kick if his ratings continue to plunge.

H/T: The Radio Equalizer

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