'State-Run' Media of North Korea and USA Eerily Similar in Fawning Leader Coverage

Rush Limbaugh has recently begun referring to the mainstream media as the "state-run" media. Think he is exaggerating? Well, compare what we know to be the state-run coverage of the Korean Central News Agency of North Korea reporting on their Dear Leader with the coverage of Barack Obama by our own media and you decide. First let us take a look at Brian Willams gushing over Obama munching on M&Ms as relayed by NewsBusters Senior Editor Tim Graham on Monday:

There's stuff we've never seen of how the White House operates. We were pretty stunned at how much we were able to record and how natural events seemed to be.

...walking through the West Wing and Secretary Clinton drops by to see the president. To be in the hallway when the president walks by with a handful of M&Ms, popping them in his mouth as he goes to visit his chief of staff -- it was unbelievable. I don't think the expression "took up residence" is hyperbolic.

To fully appreciate the similarities between Williams' slavering coverage of Obama to how the official state-run media of North Korea reports on its Dear Leader, take look at Brian Williams accompanying the President on a burger run and then compare it to the "run" coverage of the North Korean  leader:

"We're in the President's car waiting for the President who will take his seat here. Before us are all the things we can't describe. We're going on what's called an 'OTR' in White House parlance. An off the record, off-campus trip. Not allowed and not allowed to report the final destination. The press pool is loaded in the vehicles behind us and it's part of our day in the life of the White House.

"Back inside the President knows exactly where we're going and he's taking lunch orders himself. President Obama likes to live outside the bubble when he can and this will be one of those outings."

"...On route to the waiting limosine, it is clear the President is anticipating that this will be the best moment of his day. And we're off. The low profile so-called OTR nature of this motorcade means no markings. The presidential seals are removed from the doors, no flags on the hoods, no thundering motorcycles. It's one of his brief shining moments with his jacket off and feet up in the back seat. We're off for an undisclosed burger location. Inside its about as close as a president gets to being alone. Stretched out, decompressed, and the talk turns to life at the White House."

Later Williams gets excited when they arrive at their "undisclosed" location with a series of gushes:

"Oh my God! It's Five Guys! Wow!"

"...We've arrived at Five Guys. A burger joint first discovered by the First Lady."

"...And this is when the leader of the Free World remembers to ask me for my order... Cheeseburger with ketchup, please."

"...Inside the restaurant the President samples what a 65% approval ratings feels like."

The gushing doesn't stop when they return to the White House:

"Back at the White House he exits the limo with two enormous grease-stained shopping bags full of real food for the hungry staff."

And now the state-run media of North Korea gushes over their own leader in his version of a "burger run":

The leader of the DPRK continues forced march full of patriotic devotion not for his personal comfort and the happiness of his family but for the prosperity of the motherland and all blessings of the people.

It was when General Secretary Kim Jong Il visited mines in Komdok area in South Hamgyong Province some days ago. He personally entered a pit of the Ryongyang Mine to acquaint himself with the work of putting the cutting on large-sized and modern basis and set forth the tasks to be carried out by the mine.

He has visited dozens of units to rouse the people to a leap forward since he kindled the torch of a new great revolutionary upsurge in Kangson in December last.

And Obama's recent "date night" visit to a Broadway show? No problem. All our media has to do is follow the format of the coverage given to the Dear Leader attending a show at almost the same moment the Obamas were on Broadway:

Pyongyang, May 31 (KCNA) -- General Secretary Kim Jong Il enjoyed an art performance given by the State Merited Chorus on the occasion of the opening of the Kalma Theatre.

He first went round the newly built Kalma Theatre at the Kalma Rest Home of the KPA.

The theatre is another gift given by him to the servicepersons of the KPA out of his loving care.

After walking round the interior of the theatre, he expressed great satisfaction with the successful building of the modern theatre equipped with all facilities and highly appreciated the feats performed by soldier-builders.

The servicepersons of the KPA devoting themselves to the sacred struggle for defending the country are the precious revolutionary comrades, revolutionary comrades-in-arms who cannot be bartered for anything, he said, adding that nothing should be spared for them.

Then he enjoyed an art performance given by the State Merited Chorus on the occasion of the opening of the theatre.
But wait! Perhaps the North Korean media could learn from our own MSM how to improve fawning coverage of their leader when you look at this New York Times story of the Obama's visiting Broadway:
The Obamas escaped Washington on Saturday in search of a quintessential New York evening — dinner and a Broadway show.

...It was the Obamas’ first joint visit to the city as the first couple. And even cooler-than-thou New York allowed itself a bit of excitement over their arrival.

“I thought I was dreaming,” said Kecia McCowen, a 45-year-old utility worker and student from Brooklyn; she bought tickets for the show three days ago, but found out that the Obamas would be there only after she arrived. “I was like, stop playing!”

Along Avenue of the Americas, pedestrians stopped to wave, snap pictures and press against metal barricades as the Obamas’ motorcade zipped by.

Times Square was even more frenetic than usual, as throngs of pedestrians — certainly including many tourists — lined several blocks waiting to catch a glimpse of Mr. and Mrs. Obama. The presidential date night began with a late-afternoon flight from Andrews Air Force Base, with Mr. Obama wearing a dark blue suit (no tie), and Mrs. Obama a black cocktail dress and a sleek updo, holding a turquoise clutch. 

So which "state-run media" is doing a better job of providing fawning coverage for its leader? North Korea or America? You be the judge.


UPDATE: Watch as Brian Williams bows to Obama.

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