Nickelodeon Broadcasts Cartoon Homage to 'Dear Leader' Obama

Does anyone here recall Nickelodeon presenting a cartoon homage to President George W. Bush? No? Of course not. "Wrong" politics. However, if you think your very young children are safe from being exposed to subtle political brainwashing while watching Nick Jr., which presents Nickelodeon cartoons for children 5 and under, you would be wrong. Check out this poetic cartoon homage to Barack Obama currently running on Nick Jr.. Here is what your young ones will hear:

Nickelodeon celebrates President Barack Obama and some of his favorite things.

Barack Obama is the first African-American to be President.  That is what's called a historic event.

Leading a country is no easy task. So what does he do to relax you may ask?

He loves shrimp linguini and the chili he cooks. He also plays Scrabble; collects comic books.

He likes classical and hip-hop and jazz music too. He always goes shopping for the same type of shoe.

He reads lots of books and writes wonderful speeches. He goes on vacation and takes walks on beaches.

He loves basketball; it's his favorite sport. In the White House backyard he'll have his own court.

He reads bedtime stories to his daughters at night. The President in pajamas? What a sight!

Now you know the President better than before. Which leaves just one thing, when he sleeps does he snore?

For more about President Barack Obama, go to

Perhaps your humble correspondent is a wee bit old fashioned but he doesn't recall any politics injected into the Tom & Jerry or Bugs Bunny cartoons he watched while a kid. This isn't the first time Nickelodeon has been involved in subjecting children to liberal politics. In October 2007, Nickelodeon was exposed here in NewsBusters for pushing leftwing propanda. Here was the complaint posted by a mother on her blog:

This Nickelodeon “news program”, is not a news program. It is a leftist primer on how to be a “left-wing radical REBEL”.

I am not a blind follower of our Government, and I also think that Government should be watched by it’s citizens. It is our civic duty.

However this program led by Ellerby, is anti-war, anti- GWOT, anti-military.

This “news program” is not about people changing the World around them.

Ms. Ellerby uses leftist propaganda buzz words like “taking on the establishment”.

She shows a group of “tweenagers” walking around in orange jumpsuits, hooded and yelling from a bullhorn. “We are not ok, with people being tortured by American soldiers!” “Are cooperation’s priority over human lives?”

There is also a call for the impeachment of the President in the second segment of the video, “democracy is at stake because of the President violating the Constitution”.

The fourth segment of video shows another tweenager, who has put together a video of wounded Iraqi children, with the song Jesus Loves Me playing over it. This teenager blames America, the military, for what is happening in Iraq. This young girl says “she finds, videos and facts on the Internet” to show what is REALLY happening in Iraq. I am guessing she is getting these images from Al Jazeera.

Nickelodeon received a lot of well deserved criticism for that broadcast. However, it appears they haven't quite learned the lesson about not mixing politics with children's shows.

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