LAT Blogger Praises National Enquirer on John Edwards Story

The John Edwards admission yesterday that he did have an affair with his mistress opened up not only the floodgates of coverage which was previously in short supply on this issue in the mainstream media but also of a new candor by that same group. One such example of the latter was the startling praise given to the National Enquirer by Elizabeth Snead of the Los Angeles Times Dish Rag blog:

The National Enquirer tabloid is looking pretty darn legit right about now.

The story of the John Edwards and Rielle Hunter affair has pretty much been theirs and theirs alone since the tab first reported it last October. Recently, they reported that the former senator had been in the Beverly HIlton Hotel with Hunter and that he hid in the men's room of the hotel from their reporters.

Snead sounded a bit snide with this comment that seemed like a slam on the recent prohibition by Tony "Muzzles" Pierce from even mentioning this issue in the Los Angeles Times:

Sound off, folks! We can finally talk about John Edwards and his now admitted rumored extra-marital affair behind his dying wife's back.

Well, the folks sounded off it is sounds like they are none too happy with the previous  avoidance of a big story that happened right in the backyard of the Los Angeles Times:

Los Angeles Times: Where were you when the Enquirer was kicking butt, trying to get this story ? Didn't you send out a missive to bloggers at your paper saying they couldn't write about it ? Shame on your paper for not reporting on this.

The LA Times and other MSM are just as 'false' and 'ridiculous' as Edwards, as shown by how you've refused to acknowledge or investigate the issue. Instead you waited until Edwards' admitted it. Somehow, I doubt you would have mentioned it if Edwards' himself hadn't admitted it today. You should point the accusatory finger at yourself, and you should have pointed it at Edwards at the end of last year.

I never believed the whole "liberal bias" thing about the media until this whole debacle. What happened to "trust but verify?" No one tried to verify anything, yet had the National Enquirer uncovered Mitt Romney in a hotel with his love child, I bet papers would have tripped over themselves rushing to investigate. This is why no one watches network news anymore. The only trusted source is to read blogs on the left and right, then make your own mind somwhere in the middle.

And right about now that wetness that Tony Pierce feels running down his face is probably a bad case of  uncooked huevos revueltos.

Los Angeles Times

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