Former CNN Reporter Suggests Hurricane Dean God's Wrath Against Bush

One can get an idea of just how far severe Bush Derangement Syndrome has spread in the MSM by reading this blog posted by Charles Feldman, a CNN correspondent from 1983 to 2004. Now freed from the constraints of pretending to be unbiased in public, Feldman lets his BDS hang out for all to see in The Feldman Blog edition of August 17, Hurricane Dean: God’s Wrath For President Bush?

Hurricane Dean, soon to be up graded to a full blown Category 5 hurricane, is taking aim at Texas…the state that gave us George W. Bush. In fact,this could be a second punishing blow to the Tex-assians. Flash flooding from Tropical Storm Erin has already swept away people in the San Antonio area.

While forecasters try to explain why mother nature seems bent on unleashing her fury on the Long Star state, the bigger question to ponder is–is this weather so foul ,God’s retribution for giving onto the world George W?? (Think that last line got me on some FBI/CIA watch list?)

It is something to seriously consider. The Bible is filled with accounts of divine retribution and if there is one thing God ought to be pissed about ,(or at least embarrased about) it’s Baby Bush….and maybe that the iPhone’s battery is all but impossible to replace when it wears out in a year or so.

Keeping with this religious theme…if it is true that man is created in God’s image, the thought that the almighty might look like George W is enough to convert someone to Satan.

Wow. Keep in mind this wasn't just some anonymous loon posting away on a leftwing blog. This far gone BDS post came from a CNN veteran of 21 years. Feldman is currently working as a reporter for KNX Newsradio in Los Angeles and as a contributor to Reuters. I suppose those two organizations are unconcerned about employing a biased moonbat unembarrassed about putting his over the edge BDS on public display.

Update 2007-08-20. What do you do when you are a journalist and you let your guard down with a blog posting claiming that Hurricane Dean was God's Wrath For President Bush? Why you later claim, heh-heh, that you were really joking all along and only meant to satirize Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell for statements made almost 6 years ago. Such was the lame excuse of former CNN reporter, Charles Feldman, in response to my exposure here on NewsBusters of his Bush Derangement Syndrome in Former CNN Reporter Suggests Hurricane Dean God's Wrath Against Bush that I posted yesterday. My point, of course, wasn't that Feldman really believed this but that we saw his unprofessional BDS bias on full display:

…if it is true that man is created in God’s image, the thought that the almighty might look like George W is enough to convert someone to Satan.

In case anyone out there doubts the severity of Feldman's BDS, I place into evidence this Feldman blog post from just earlier today:

Gonzales is the most dangerous Attorney General since the Watergate years—some may argue correctly, more so!-but he does, after all, represent ,perhaps, the most dangerous administration to have occupied the White House—-ever!

So what will Charles Feldman do now? Claim that he was just kidding about charging that this is the most dangerous administration to have ever occupied the White House? Sorry Charlie but your distinct lack of professionalism is showing clearly and I am sure it carries over into your "journalism."

p.s. I would think twice, Charlie, about ever visiting Texas again since the residents there might not take too kindly to your calling them "Tex-assians." But, hey, you were just joking! Right?

UPDATE: It seens that poor Charlie has gotten a bit upset over his exposure here on NewsBusters as someone less than balanced. Reading his latest screed is it any wonder why one might wonder as to the level of bias in his reporting both back when he worked for CNN and now for KNX Radio and as a contributor to Reuters? Apparently Charlie has stayed up late at night researching my writings. Nice to know you have been exposed to some quality satire, Charlie. And since I now know you read everything I write, may I recommend The Merry Month of May by James Jones? It is about the antics of liberal Americans in Paris who self-destruct.


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