Chris Matthews: ‘We're Going To Be Hitting My Biggest Questions With the President’

As NewsBusters reported Tuesday, President Obama has chosen to sit down with one of his biggest fans in the news media Thursday.

At the beginning of Tuesday’s Hardball, host Chris Matthews promoted the event hysterically saying, “We're going to be hitting my biggest questions with the President” (video follows with transcript and commentary):

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Let me start tonight with the big news, close to home news, and to this show. Two nights from now, President Obama will be our guest, yours and mine on this show. He's agreed to sit with me before a big group of college students. That's right, the Hardball college tour is back big time. And the biggest headliner, the President of the United States.

We're going to be hitting my biggest questions with the President before the students of American University. And my questions will be the very ones we, you and I, talk about here every night: This destructive politics we're facing in this country; this inability to strike compromise and how we can fix it, this failure of tough personal accountability in government as viewed through the lens of the healthcare rollout; the attempts out there to suppress the minority vote in three dozen states, and; the life and death matters of war and peace.

You know where I stand on these matters. You know where you stand. And two nights from now, this Thursday at this very time, we'll know where the President stands.

He forgot to say, "And the President knows where you and I stand on these matters. That's why he's joining us."

Regardless, about thirty minutes later, things got even more hysterical when the following ad ran:

ANNOUNCER: Thursday on MSNBC, a Hardball exclusive: healthcare, obstructionism, voting rights, President Obama goes one on one with Chris Matthews in front of a live audience answering the tough questions. A special college tour edition of Hardball Thursday and seven and eleven on MSNBC.

Answering the tough questions!

You gotta love it!

The toughest question Obama's likely to get from this tingle down his leg shill Thursday is "What did you have for lunch this afternoon?"

In case you haven't had enough laughs for one night, here are Matthews' top ten most tingly quotes.

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