Cher on Thanksgiving: 'I Don't...Celebrate the Beginning of a Great Crime'

Cher is at it again.

On Thanksgiving Eve, the aging pop diva answered a question on Twitter concerning whether or not she celebrates the occasion saying, "I DON’T ! 4 me & my Family,it’s a day,When every1 is free 4Diner & a movie,Not 2 celebrate the beginning of a GREAT Crime":

For those not understanding the smallpox reference, in 1763, in the midst of the Pontiac's Rebellion - an effort by Indians to drive the British out of what was known as the Ohio country back across the Appalachians - it was indeed considered by the British at Fort Pitt to infect Indians that had carried out a siege on the Fort by exposing them to blankets laden with the virus.

History shows a written record of such a strategy being discussed between a British colonel and a British general.

However, there is no proof that the scheme was ever carried out.

Alas, as we've witnessed over the years, much like Bluto aka John Belushi, facts aren't important to Cher when she's on a roll:

*****Update: In case you were interested, Cher's net worth is estimated to be $305 million.

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