Russell Simmons: 'ObamaCare Has Already Saved Hundreds of Thousands, If Not Millions of Lives'

This might be the funniest thing I've read all week.

Hip hop mogul Russell Simmons wrote of ObamaCare Thursday, "[I]t is a damn good piece of legislation that has already saved hundreds of thousands, if not millions of lives":

I run websites. I have built websites. I certainly understand the complications of servers and load times and 404 errors. THIS CAN ALL BE FIXED! And it will be fixed. But what cannot be fixed, is the fact that for over 100 years we have tried to reform our healthcare system, and EVERY president before Barack Obama FAILED! Yes, we initially wanted single payer, and we had to compromise back in 2009 for the Affordable Care Act. But, it is a damn good piece of legislation that has already saved hundreds of thousands, if not millions of lives. So, let us not give up now.

I can certainly understand anyone who is frustrated with the roll-out of the website, but I cannot understand nor can I respect anyone, Republican, Democrat of Independent, who wants the Affordable Care Act to fail. Call those people the "death panel," because that is exactly what they will do to all of those Americans who are in desperate need of good medical treatment.

Pretty hysterical, isn't it?

Coverage doesn't start until January, and this genius thinks it's "already saved hundreds of thousands, if not millions of lives."

How much of an Obama sycophant do you have to be to not only believe such nonsense, but also to put it in writing for the whole world to see?

As for the millions that have lost coverage due to this pathetic law:

And please don't tell me this about people whose healthcare was cancelled... because that healthcare is predatory and it is unconscionable that we would allow anyone in this country to own such policies.

He's got the Democrat talking points down, doesn't he?

I guess like them he's unaware that every state has a department of insurance responsible for reviewing the efficacy of all policies sold in that state.

Why let facts get in the way when you're on a roll?

After all, it appears a metaphysical certitude that there will be fewer people with health insurance on January 1, 2014, than there were on December 31, 2013.

Happy New Year, Russell!

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