MSNBC’s Alex Wagner: Obama 'Seems a Wounded Man Today’

If Barack Obama starts losing people at MSNBC, his presidency is doomed.

On Now with Alex Wagner Thursday, shortly after the President spoke to the nation about his “solution” for ObamaCare causing people to lose their health insurance even though he promised they wouldn’t, the host said, “He seems a wounded man today” (video follows with transcript and commentary):

LUKE RUSSERT: Alex, in terms of figuring out these big issues the country faces, what incentives do Republicans have now to work with President Obama? The American public doesn't trust him as we saw with those polls. This had been a complete disaster. Why are they going to try and jump into the deep end with him in at least the next year after this? It's a very difficult decision.

ALEX WAGNER, HOST: I was sort of stunned that he kept, that he just stood on stage as long as he did, Governor, and he seems a wounded man today. A wounded man [unintelligible].

HOWARD DEAN: This will get better. I mean, this is all, the fifth year is an awful year. A lot of pundits have said. It's true. There’s a lot of piling on. I think some of his own supporters are demoralized.

WAGNER: Definitely.

DEAN: The website will get fixed, this will get better, and ObamaCare will be the law of the land, and, guess what? It’lll work.

WAGNER: I like ending on that high note. Thank you, governor.

That's a far cry from the cheerleading Wagner's colleagues Martin Bashir and Ed Schultz did Wednesday after what everyone else in the country felt were disastrous enrollment numbers released by the Administration.

Makes you wonder if Bashir and Schultz will sing a different tune today or will continue to be some of the only people in the country INCLUDING the President that think ObamaCare is going well.

Stay tuned.


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