Spike Lee Sued For Erroneous George Zimmerman Tweet

November 12th, 2013 10:02 AM

As NewsBusters previously reported, film director Spike Lee last March retweeted a posting supposedly including the address of George Zimmerman.

Now the couple who actually reside at that address are suing Lee.

In a complaint filed with the Seminole County Circuit Court in Florida and obtained by The Smoking Gun, the residents of said address - Elaine and David McClain - admit that they had reached a settlement with Lee on March 29, 2012.

However, subsequent to that settlement, as a result of many retweets of Lee's posting, the McClains have suffered "substantial injury" and are seeking restitution in excess of $15,000.

The complaint states that as a result of these retweets, the McClains were forced to temporarily relocate, endured and continue to endure hate mail and threatening phone calls as well as a prolonged media presence on and near their property.

As a result, the McClains' physical and mental health has suffered and they believe the value of their home has been permanently diminished.

The McClains might also seek punitive damages after completion of discovery.

Stay tuned.