Bob Schieffer on JFK Assassination: ‘Nothing Like This Had Ever Happened’

As we approach the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, it seems a metaphysical certitude there are going to be some really absurd statements made by the liberal media concerning this tragedy.

I suggest none will be as preposterous as CBS Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer actually claiming Sunday, “Nothing like this had ever happened” (video follows with transcript and commentary):

BOB SCHIEFFER, HOST: We want to turn now to a fateful day you're going to be hearing a lot about over the next month because November 22nd marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John Kennedy, a day that many believe changed America forever. The first word of it for many of us came from Walter Cronkite.


WALTER CRONKITE: From Dallas, Texas, the flash apparently official: President Kennedy died at 1:00 PM Central Standard Time, 2:00 Eastern Standard Time, some 38 minutes ago.


SCHIEFFER: The nation was plunged into shock. Nothing like this had ever happened.

Yes, nothing like this had ever happened - as long as you ignore Abraham Lincoln being assassinated in 1865, James Garfield in 1881, and William McKinley in 1901.

Other than those three assassinations, nothing like this had ever happened.

Honestly, how can the host of CBS's longest-running television program actually think Kennedy was the first United States president to be assassinated?

Scary, isn't it?

Scarier still, it appears this comment wasn't made live but instead was part of a video created to set up a discussion about the assassination.

If that's indeed the case, it means that nobody involved in the production of that video caught the error.


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