Newsweek Called Ted Cruz 'Young Latino to Watch' in 1999

You might find this surprising, but the liberal media didn't always hate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tx.).

Quite the contrary, Newsweek in July 1999 listed Cruz among its 20 "young Latinos to watch" in 2000:


WASHINGTON, D.C., AGE 29 The first Latino to clerk for the chief justice of the United States, in 1996-97. His father emigrated from Cuba in 1957 and, Cruz says, Education opened the American dream to him. We're failing to provide that education now, especially to poor minorities.

Others featured by Newsweek included Salsa singer Marc Anthony, boxer Oscar De La Hoya, actor John Leguizamo, Soledad O'Brien, baseball player Alex Rodriguez, and singer Shakira.

It seems a metaphysical certitude liberal media members wouldn't include Cruz in such a list today.

What a difference the Tea Party makes.

Newsweek Ted Cruz
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