Greta Van Susteren: 'Chris Matthews May Be For Sale, I Am Not'

October 18th, 2013 5:41 PM

Chris Matthews earlier this week told Ora.TV's Larry King that there's pressure at news outlets such as Fox and MSNBC to be openly partisan. Matthews chose to use Greta Van Susteren as an example of this.

Van Susteren struck back Friday in a way that only she knows how:

I am stunned because, while no one has ever told me in 11 1/2 years what to say (I would walk out and those who know me know that to be true.) I have also not been weak to some amorphous “group pressure.” I now read that it DOES HAPPEN at MS/NBC – or so it is alleged by one of their anchors! Chris Matthews admits to ‘group pressure’ at MS/NBC. That is really awful that it happens there or that he feels it is going on. It makes no difference if it does actually happen or not – it is in Chris Matthews [sic] mind that it does. Hence his views and questions and statements – are poisoned. You are not getting pure facts or conviction from him — you are getting showbiz and manipulation.

For the record, here's what Matthews told King as first reported by The Blaze:

“I’m watching Fox [News],” Matthews said. “Will [new primetime anchor] Megyn Kelly be able to stay in the middle or will she move over? Will she have to move over? Look at Greta [Van Susteren]. Greta was more center left now she’s moved over. There’s a lot of group pressure in those places. In any place you work.”

Asked by Larry King if there’s specifically any pressure to be partisan at MSNBC, Matthews said yes. “Oh, I feel it,” he said. “I think it’s there. I think you know your audience. You know who you’re talking to. I always know who I’m talking to. But I always want to keep a chunk of Republicans as well as Democrats.”

“There’s a lot of group pressure in those places,” he added. “In any place you work.”

When asked if there was any pressure on him specifically to be more openly partisan, Matthews said that there was. “Oh, I feel it,” he said. “I think it’s there.”

Van Susteren continued:

I am guessing that Matthews thinks in some pathetic way that it makes him look better if he accuses others of his own failings. Sort of like, “we all do it.” “Well Chris, we don’t all do it. You do it.” Those are not my failings. Those are his. Matthews may be weak and worried about his job - but I am not weak, and never have been. Matthews may be for sale, I am not. [...]

If I were his colleague, I would be furious at him for trying to paint me with his broad brush about himself.

Nicely said, Greta. Brava!