Piers Morgan Shows Colleague Buying AR-15 in 'State Where Alexis Bought His Gun'

September 19th, 2013 1:35 PM

For several days, NewsBusters has been calling on CNN's Piers Morgan to retract the repeated claim he made on his program Monday that Aaron Alexis brought an AR-15 with him during his attack on the Washington Navy Yard.

Rather than doing that, CNN's anti-Second Amendment host aired a video Wednesday of Morgan Spurlock buying a - wait for it! - AR-15 from a Virginia gun store, "the very state where Aaron Alexis bought his gun" (video follows with transcript and commentary):


MORGAN SPURLOCK: Really since Obama got reelected. Making sure I get one before I can't get one.


SPURLOCK: That's really exactly what I'm looking for.

UNIDENTIFIED SALESMAN: Well, that's it man.


UNIDENTIFIED SALESMAN: All you need is two-forms ID with same name and address and a credit card or some money.

SPURLOCK: I got that.

UNIDENTIFIED SALESMAN: You don't even got to ask for permission?


UNIDENTIFIED SALESMAN: Oh man, I'm giving you a punch in your name. You alright.


PIERS MORGAN: Showing how easy it is to buy a weapon in America. CNN's Inside Man, Morgan Spurlock at a gun store in Virginia, the very state where Aaron Alexis bought his gun.

Yes, but Alexis didn't buy an AR-15. He bought a shotgun.

It appears conservative radio host Dana Loesch is correct when she says Morgan knows absolutely nothing about guns despite his disdain for them.

Now in fairness to Morgan, he did claim during the program that Alexis brought a shotgun to the Navy Yard.

But he never once during a program devoted to the massacre and guns in general tell his audience that he was wrong Monday about Alexis having an AR-15. 

Readers are advised that Morgan's behavior Monday was different from others in the media who reported early in the day that an AR-15 was involved in the massacre.

By the time Piers Morgan Live aired Monday evening, law enforcement was walking this back claiming that it appeared Alexis may have entered the Yard with just a shotgun obtaining his other weapons - including possibly the AR-15 - from security officials or even a gun safe on the premises.

Despite this being readily available to Morgan, he chose to spend Monday evening presenting information to his viewers that was already being called into serious question.

Now, two days later, not only isn't Morgan owning up to his mistake, he's showing video footage of Spurlock buying an AR-15 in Virginia.

Is this really the kind of shoddy reporting and lack of journalistic integrity the supposedly "most trusted name in news" wants to be affiliated with?

Won't anyone at CNN inform Morgan that he is hurting their brand?

Or are they so behind his anti-Second Amendment advocacy that they don't care if he provides false information to his viewers?