ABC Creating Comedy About 'The Silver Lining of Divorce'

Have you ever pondered the irony of liberal media advocating same-sex marriage as they celebrate broken ones?

Consider the case of ABC which has just purchased the rights to a new sitcom that according to Deadline is about "the silver lining of divorce":

In a competitive situation, ABC has landed a single-camera comedy from The New Normal co-creator/executive producer Ali Adler, which will be produced by ABC Studios and Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage’s studio-based Fake Empire. Written by Adler, the untitled comedy is about the dirty little secret of those days and nights when your ex has the kids. You get to drink too much and binge-watch Breaking Bad without checking homework or giving baths — it’s about the silver lining of divorce.

Yes, just imagine how great things will be after your divorce when your ex has the kids - pay no attention to what it's doing to them, of course.

Assuming this ever airs, families will be treated in primetime to humorous segments telling them why they'd be better off split up.

Imagine the laughter all around America as innocent children wonder when they're next.

To be sure, ABC is not the first media outlet to espouse the glory of broken marriages. The Huffington Post actually has an entire section at its website devoted to such.

Today's featured piece is titled "Should You Divorce Your Spouse For Your Lover?"

Isn't that special?

As a humorous aside, Adler is best known for co-creating and co-writing NBC's The New Normal which featured a same-sex couple deciding to have a baby with a surrogate mother. It only lasted one season before being canceled in May.

I can see why ABC is anxious to give her another chance to once again mock traditional marriage on broadcast television.

Exit question: will there be sitcoms in our future espousing the glory of same-sex divorce?

Stay tuned.

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