CNN's Piers Morgan Still Hasn't Retracted Claim DC Shooter Used an AR-15

On Tuesday, NewsBusters called on CNN's Piers Morgan to retract his errant claim from the previous evening that Washington Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis brought an AR-15 with him to the massacre.

Much to our dismay, Morgan still has not done so.

Quite the contrary, doing his best Hillary Clinton, Morgan via Twitter Tuesday said it didn't matter what kind of gun Alexis used:

So having for months been on a campaign to rid America of semi-automatic weapons - in particular AR-15s - Morgan now claims it doesn't matter what kind of gun Alexis used.

Is it now his case that all firearms should be banned INCLUDING shotguns?

And how about acknowledging and retracting his repeated error from Monday?

Is Morgan above admitting that he made a mistake?

For those wondering if he did so on his program Tuesday, the answer is no.

The entire installment featured an interview with Pastor Rick Warren and wife Kay about the suicide of their son.

At no time during Tuesday's episode did Morgan retract his error from the previous evening.

Is this the level of journalistic integrity Morgan possesses?

If he's above acknowledging his mistakes, why should he be trusted to ever tell the truth?

Is someone at CNN going to step up and get Morgan to do the right thing?

Or is it now acceptable at the supposedly "most trusted name in news" to report out and out falsehoods with total impunity?

Stay tuned.

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