Sarah Silverman Introduces 'Black NRA': Giving Guns to 'Those That Need Them Most - Young Black Males'

September 9th, 2013 5:07 PM

The folks at Funny or Die have decided to take on the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman/Stand Your Ground issue with a video introducing the Black NRA.

In it, Sarah Silverman says, "Our fund will put guns into the hands of those that need them most: young black males" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

SARAH SILVERMAN: Hi, I’m Sarah Silverman, and I support the NRA.




SILVERMAN: The NRA considers itself America’s longest-standing civil rights organization.

FUNCHES: They say it’s every American’s right to bear arms.

NEAL BRENNAN: So they obviously mean every American, right?

GRIER: That’s why the NRA is launching a new organization.

COLE: The Black NRA.

SILVERMAN: Our fund will put guns into the hands of those that need them most:

COLE: Young black males.

GRIER: Young black males.

SILVERMAN: Young black males.

FUNCHES: In an ideal world, no one would need guns.

GRIER: But if some people have them…

COLE: …then we all should have one.

BRENNAN: Guys, I have over 20 black friends, and I intend to give them all guns.

GRIER: Now that I have a gun, I feel safe doing everyday normal things.

COLE: Like wearing a hoodie.

FUNCHES: Eating Skittles.

GRIER: Walking in the rain.

COLE: Or being in Florida.

SILVERMAN: Thanks, NRA. You taught me what realistic peace is all about: standing your ground, pointing that gun at the bad guy and having him point it right back and going, “Hey, I guess we’re not that different after all.”

FUNCHES: So support the Black NRA, and help us arm every young black man in America. Then freedom will truly ring out.

SILVERMAN: That’s what you mean, right NRA?

BRENNAN: This stand your ground law, it’s for everybody.

COLE: Let’s shoot each other some love.

GRIER: You don’t have a problem with this, do you?

COLE: Or, just stop shooting innocent people.

Yes, I know this is satire.

However, what's possibly most funny about the video is that Deon Cole is a Chicago-based comedian.

With all the innocent and not-so-innocent blacks being killed with guns by other blacks in his city, you have to wonder why he'd participate in such a project.

He more than most should know that it's just as easy for an African-American to get a gun in this country as it is any other demographic group.

The participants also showed their ignorance by suggesting that stand your ground laws don't apply to blacks.

I know, I know. I'm over-thinking this video.

I just long for the day when there was actually some truth behind political humor.

What passes for such today is the same brainless propaganda served up 24/7 by MSNBC - just with a little better writing.

(HT Mediaite)